Solar Eclipse; Libra Energy in Balance, Diplomacy and Truth.

In the astral firmament, a significant celestial event is looming: the New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Libra, scheduled for October 14th, 2023. This phenomenon not only arouses the curiosity of astronomers, but also carries with it powerful energies that will reverberate in our lives..

Before the Eclipse: Navigating the Waters of Change

The period leading up to an eclipse often feels unsettling, as if something important is about to happen. It can arouse feelings of fear or anxiety for no apparent reason. It is crucial, at this time, to slow down, take care and be cautious not to take big risks or excessive commitments. We can imagine it as the pinnacle of yin, a time to rest, connect with loved ones, stay close to home, relax and enjoy the change of season.

This Saturday, we will experience a new moon with a solar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Libra energy is intrinsically linked to balance, diplomacy, justice and truth.

In the coming months, issues related to fairness, justice and truth may surface. Injustices that have been hidden beneath the surface may come to light. Libra is also the natural ruler of the seventh house, the astrological area associated with marriage and partnerships (including business partnerships and clients).

It is the house of "we" and "us."

Over the next 18 months, eclipses will take place on the Libra/Aries axis. This axis teaches us how to balance issues of sovereignty and independence with connections and relationships.

We may be challenged to examine more deeply our relationships with others?

Are we leaning toward hyper-independence or co-dependence?

Can we find a way to create beautiful interdependence in our relationships?


The Importance of Reflection in Times of Eclipse

It is crucial to stress again the importance of slowing down the pace around eclipses, taking care of ourselves and being cautious not to take big risks or excessive commitments. Imagine this time as the height of yin: rest, relaxation and enjoyment of the changing season.

Those with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or North Node in Libra will feel this eclipse most intensely. Other signs impacted include Virgo, Gemini, Leo and Cancer (sun, moon and ascendant).

In the cosmic dance of the New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Libra, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on our relationships, seek truth and find balance in the midst of change. In these times of intense energies, let us remember the importance of self-reflection, self-care and connection with our loved ones. As navigators of the waves of change, we carry the compass of consciousness to steer us toward more serene and balanced waters. May this eclipse guide us toward new beginnings filled with harmony and authenticity!


Types of Solar Eclipses and their Impact on October

Solar eclipses are divided into three distinct types, depending on the alignment of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. First, a total solar eclipse occurs when these three celestial bodies are perfectly aligned, and the Moon completely covers the solar disk. This phenomenon, which occurs approximately every 18 months somewhere on Earth, marks the end and beginning of significant cycles.

Second, the partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon does not completely cover the Sun, creating the vision of a luminous crescent. This type of eclipse occurs at least twice a year in various regions of the planet.

Finally, the annular solar eclipse, also known as "Ring of Fire", occurs when the Moon, near its farthest point from the Earth (apogee), has an angular diameter smaller than the solar diameter. At its maximum phase, a ring of light forms around the solar disk.

How to Observe the Annular Eclipse of October 2023 Safely

During an annular solar eclipse or "Ring of Fire," it is vital to remember that the Sun is never completely blocked by the Moon. NASA emphasizes the need to use specialized eye protection, such as eclipse glasses, to avoid serious eye damage. Looking directly at the Sun without such protection is discouraged, even during a partial eclipse.

In addition to eclipse glasses, indirect observation methods, such as a pinhole projector, can be used. It is essential to check the integrity of these glasses or portable viewers before use; if they are broken or damaged, they should not be used.

The use of conventional solar lenses is not safe in this context. Looking at the sun through cameras, telescopes or other optical devices without adequate sun protection can also result in severe eye injuries.

It is also advisable to wear clothing and hats with sun protection factor to prevent skin damage during eclipse viewing.


Impact of the Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

In the cosmic dance of the eclipse, each sign finds its own rhythm and melody, weaving a unique chapter in its astral journey. May this annular solar eclipse in Libra illuminate paths of authenticity and growth for all zodiac signs.

Although the solar eclipse presents itself as a time of introspection for all zodiac signs, each will experience it uniquely. Let's see how it will affect some of them:

Aries: This eclipse prompts Aries to reevaluate relationships, establishing healthy boundaries.

Taurus: It encourages introspection and can lead to a renewal in Taurus' love life.

Gemini: Highlights ability to communicate effectively; auspicious time to express thoughts and feelings.

Cancer: Focuses attention on home and family, facilitating resolution of family tensions.

Leo: Highlights creative abilities, ideal for embarking on new artistic and love projects.

Virgo: Encourages self-knowledge and reflection on values for decisions aligned with authenticity.

Libra: Affects in an intense way, inviting introspection of identity and relationships.

Scorpio: Sharpens intuitions, allowing exploration of deep desires and secrets.

Sagittarius: Promotes collaboration and teamwork, ideal for seeking solutions and creating solid alliances..

Capricorn: Encourages you to review goals and ambitions, charting a new career course.

Aquarius: Attracts to philosophy and spiritual knowledge, expanding intellectual horizons.

Pisces: Stimulates the emotional and spiritual world, leading to changes in close relationships.

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