Know what will be the driving force of your year and what will keep you busy according to your sign.

Let's step into the dark abyss of Pluto in Aquarius, a celestial alignment that promises transformation, regeneration and profound empowerment. Pluto, the god of the underworlds, does not move through the skies lightly. Its energy impacts, triggering introspection and a desire for transformation in specific areas of our lives, like a cosmic gale reshaping the landscape of our being.

This planet, when transiting or aspecting certain areas of our birth chart, can ignite an obsessive flame. A clear example: if Pluto decides to dance in your seventh house, linked to personal relationships and marriage, you could find yourself immersed in a transforming whirlwind of your love experiences. This whirlwind can inspire an obsession to improve or even radically change your closest relationships.

Similarly, if Pluto touches your Sun in your birth chart, you may feel a compulsion to discover your true personal power and life purpose, as if an inner force is urging you to unravel the mysteries of your existence..

Pluto's influence urges us to face our shadows, to let go of the chains of what no longer serves us and to be reborn like the phoenix, emerging from the ashes of our former limitations. This energy is powerful, sometimes overwhelming, taking us on the dark journey of personal transformation.

It can become an obsession, a relentless quest for evolution that unfolds like a cosmic drama on the stage of our lives. However, this obsession is not to be feared; it is a powerful engine that drives conscious evolution, as long as we approach this energy with awareness and authenticity.


If you have not yet unraveled the obsessions that Pluto in Aquarius awakens in your being in this 2024, I invite you to continue exploring. The stars, as cosmic guides, will reveal the secrets that will shape your year. 

What is your Obsession 2024:

Aries: The Human Connection Revolution

This year, Aries, your obsession centers on human connection. After years of fierce independence, Pluto in Aquarius pushes you to share both joys and sorrows. This shift translates into a more collaborative approach in your work life. You may become involved in humanitarian technologies, taking your energy into new, more collective and less individualistic territory.

Taurus: Work with Purpose

Your obsession, Taurus, is focused on finding work that brings you genuine happiness while allowing you to help others. Pluto in Aquarius redefines your career, moving you into roles where your helpfulness makes a positive impact. Although your sign is often seen as traditional, you're breaking new ground and surprising with cutting-edge ideas, especially in the new era of Uranus that extends through 2026.

Gemini: World-Changing Messages

Your obsession, Gemini, revolves around the idea of exploring the world and carrying a meaningful message. Pluto in Aquarius alters your perspective of the world, encouraging you to deeply understand global issues. As a prolific communicator, your ability to use technology allows you to impact the world in unpredictable and exciting ways.


Cancer: Power in Authenticity
You will become obsessed, Cancer, with the power that arises when you set your own rules in relationships. Pluto in Aquarius transforms the rules of your intimate engagements, leading you to new ways of bonding. You venture out to set your own rules, challenging social norms. This evolution in your relationships can lead you to discover a new, more authentic and satisfying worldview.

Leo: The Art of Relating
This year, Leo, your obsession centers on your relationships. Pluto in Aquarius brings profound changes, shifting from a focus on the "I" to the "we." Although it can be challenging to your independent nature, this influence balances and transforms your relationships. Get ready for a new way of bonding, where sharing and collaborating take center stage.

Virgo: Healing and Service
You will become obsessed, Virgo, with healing and service. Pluto in Aquarius transforms your approach to health and work, taking your ingenuity to new heights in self-care. Your intelligence combines with technology to make a unique contribution to the world of wellness. You are ready to deploy your inventiveness and unique perspective in the personal health revolution.

Libra: Renewed Love
This year, Libra, your obsession revolves around love. Pluto in Aquarius changes your romantic and creative life. You may discover new ways to love and express your creativity. With your heart in dialogue with multiple people, you will explore facets of love you never considered before. Innovation and love evolution will mark this year for you.


Scorpio: Home Transformation
You will become obsessed, Scorpio, with achieving the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Pluto in Aquarius transforms your home and environment, leading you toward a more communal and less traditional lifestyle. You break with old traditions and throw yourself into a new way of living, freeing yourself from the restrictions of the past.

Sagittarius: Radical Learning
Your obsession, Sagittarius, centers on learning something completely different. Pluto in Aquarius revolutionizes the way you connect, learn, share information, and travel. With technology as your primary tool, you will immerse yourself in studies that explore changes in the world and your environment. Your role as a spokesperson for the new leads you to prepare for an exciting future.

Capricorn: Beyond the Comfort Zone
You will become obsessed, Capricorn, with stepping out of your comfort zone. After years of personal transformation with Pluto in your sign, this planet in Aquarius pushes you to break away from old ways of doing things. New ways of earning money and unconventional living structures become your focus over the next two decades.

Aquarius: The Evolution of Yourself
This year, Aquarius, your obsession is with yourself. With Pluto in your sign, you represent the voice of change and the new age. You will witness and drive an amazing evolutionary stage of humanity. Personal revolution and authentic expression become your focus, challenging the old Capricornian rules.

Pisces: Unraveling the Truth
You will become obsessed, Pisces, with your power to unravel the truth. With Pluto in Aquarius, you'll experience a mental and emotional detox, seeing straight to the core of issues. Your ability to express the truth, even uncomfortable truths, positions you as the voice of authenticity in this year of cosmic transformation.

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