Do Self Tarot Readings really work? A tool available at your hands. Learn the principles of this tool in the following article.

Recognizing the profound power of discovery that the Tarot possesses, we are tempted to practice a reading spread in the comfort of our own homes. Learning the fundamentals of this tradition will help us to know some answers about our present and perhaps some of the future.

There are ways to practice Tarot. It is not very advisable, since many times the personal interpretation of the cards that we throw during the session, can be somewhat distorted.

The ideal is that another person who already has experience in the subject, manages to guide the session, giving us an external view on the cards that appear during our reading.


Getting started...

Take the cards, start to pass the cards and shuffle them concentrating on the query or question you want to ask. That question should be in your mind, and when you feel you have finished shuffling and connecting your energy with the deck, spread it out like a fan on the table.

This is a key moment: trust your instinct. It is time to turn over that card that will answer the question you want to ask. You can do it out loud or to your inner self.

It is considered that the first group of cards, from 1 to 7, are associated with the human personality, the concrete experiences of life; from 8 to 14, they are related to the soul or the virtues that we have to acquire and from 15 to 21 with the spirit, the cosmic forces and laws with which we relate.

Once you have the card, that is to say, your Arcane in front of you, try to search within yourself, with total honesty and truth, until the answer comes from your inner being.

Each symbol of your card can lead you to new meanings in your life. Open your channels and allow yourself to enter into it, in all the sense and meaning it has to leave you.

Always remember that you will not draw another card. You already have your answer, look for in it what it really came to show you. If you can, take your Arcane with you that day and look at it several times, reconnect with events or scenarios that occur in your close environment about that answer that appeared.


The answer and the interpretation

Your reading is finished. The energy of the chosen Arcane will accompany you throughout the day.

The next day you can ask another question if you find it necessary. Remember that the answer obtained should never be read linearly or literally speaking, you must look for its meaning within your inner being.

Depending on the Arcanum you have revealed, you should think and interpret how it affects your life at this moment. This is not magic and there is no single answer. Try to find several and through them know yourself.

The numbers of the cards

The numbers are not on the cards by chance, nor to order them. They have a meaning that is linked to the archetype of the chosen card, and to the meaning of the question. This whole set is assembled to give answers that are re-signified, molded, adjusted and expanded as more cards are added to the reading. You must be familiar with the cards to interpret them. For example: the tarot has four suits, the cups are emotions, the clubs are work, the swords are intellectual or conflict and the golds are money.


What are the main symbols of the 22 Major Arcana?

Here we will give you a guide to the 22 Major Arcana so you can start practicing it:

1- The Fool: The new that comes into our lives and is hard to accept.

2- The Magician: Self-creation, the consciousness of change, the beginning.

3- The Priestess: The deep feminine and ancestral, the living and dual woman.

4- The Empress: Fruits, growth, life,

5- The Emperor: The authority, the Father, the Law, the Norm,

6- The Pope: The deep, the spiritual life, the meaning, the being in the world.

7- The Lover: The heart and its calling, freedom, detachment.


8- The Chariot: Effort, progress, desire, will, perseverance, ideals.

9- The Justice: Harmony, equity, what must be balanced.

10- The Hermit: The search, solitude, inner rigor, convictions.

11- The Wheel of Fortune: Cycles that move, what I do not see of myself.

12- The Force: Impulse, search, esteem, growth, advancement.

13- The Hanged Man: Waiting, stopping, procrastinating, looking around.

14- Death: Mutation, change, something new, to get rid of the old.

15- Temperance: The incomprehensible, healing, the origin, acceptance.

16- The Devil: To know the inner darkness, to discover, to unveil.

17- The Tower: Fall of the ego, questioning, falling structures.


18- The Star: Expansion, growth, the conscious register, hope.

19- The Moon: Interiority, the unconscious, the sensitive. To enter.

20- The Sun: Energy, clarity and consciousness. All is revealed.

21- The Judgment: Closing something, no more in the past. Recapitulate. Renew.

22- The World: Integrator, the goal, the end of the dream, the arrival.

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