2022 is coming to our lives and we must be prepared for what it will bring. Find out how your beginning will be, how you will feel, and what surprises the stars have prepared for you.

How will Aries' new year begin?

Those born as Aries will have an excellent start to their year, they will feel creative, with great energy, fun, and inspired. The first days of 2022 will be great for love, and very good at their work. Starting on day 12, by the actions of the Regent Mars, their spiritual experiences are activated. It is an interesting stage for introspection and delving deeper into self-knowledge.

How will Gemini begin the year?

During the first fortnight of the year Gemini will have the planets in their favor, particularly at work, and in business. They must take advantage of this positive and powerful force in order to affirm themselves, to stabilize the achievements they have been making. Be cautious in love, if you are attentive, everything will go well.


How will Cancer start out the new year? 

They will have a very good start to the year, very full in terms of work, and will continue to be prosperous. Those born under Cancer are always taking care of others, and they will continue to do so. It is an interesting stage for love, if you have a partner, they will support you, and if not, be alert, because there will be many opportunities for one.

How will Leo start the new year? 

Leo is a dominant and powerful leader, but at the beginning of the year their social aspect is so empowered, that they will have to forget a little of themselves in order to attend to their various attention requirements. This is in the first fortnight, but after that the love energy becomes so predominant, that their development as a couple occupies all their attention. Without a doubt, love will be a happy theme for the year. 


How will the new year begin for Virgo? 

It is a beginning marked by pleasure and good times, so you should set worries aside, and go from the center of it all. Virgo must start the year relaxed, and abandon their extreme demand on themselves and others just a little. Their health will be fine, they should not focus on obsessive worries, it is important that they trust their doctor, setting aside some slightly hypochondriac concerns.

How will the new year begin for Libra? 

They start off the year very well, they must pay special attention to family ties, care for their emotions and rest, it has been an intense year. Libra is an elegant and prudent, discreet and friendly sign. Have fun and rest. It is the best way to start the year. Projects, will have their moment later and will go very well.


How will Scorpio begin the new year?

Those born under this sign can be somewhat introverted and sensitive, although they are in a good time for work and their profession, it is time to attend to their family and love relationships in these first days of the year. For the next two months, put your energy into them. Finances get a little complicated the first month, but only this month and then they will improve.  

How will the new year begin for Sagittarius?

Those born under the influence of Sagittarius are in a very positive phase, on the rise, they have celebrated their birth and come from happy days. It will be an incredible year, very positive in many aspects. Their work and/or economic successes that happened towards the end of the year will continue, and will be felt for a while. They must put their affections in order, and take more time for themselves.


How will the new year begin for Capricorn?

Capricorn has an unbeatable start to the year, it is a charismatic, extremely social, and cheerful sign. Until January 20 it is in a period of well-being and bonanza, which is connected to pleasure. Then the sign enters a very good financial place, an unbeatable period to work on projects, accompanied by the astral chart.

¿How will Aquarius begin the new year?

Those native to Aquarius, at this time of year, can do their what they will and achieve what they want. Work comes with positive momentum, and they must maintain it. In the first days of January there is some instability in their love life, but then the astral influence settles. You must handle yourself with some prudence until the end of the first month of the year.


How will the new year begin for PIsces?

Pisces is always in motion, they are sociable, peaceful, and adapt to different situations. It is a good month for them, they must be cautious in love, Mercury makes movements that should be taken into account, be cautious, do not make definitive choices. Very good period for work, excellent for finances, very good time, they will have success in relation to money. 

How will the new year begin for Taurus?

An excellent start to the year in work and profession, they start in 2022 with everything in their favor. On day 5 they may have good news in regards to money. they can be calm in everything related to love and family, everything is fine. They should take care of their health, they may show signs of fatigue.

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