Navigating the Labyrinth of Destiny: The Tarot as a Guide in Times of Uncertainty.

The Tarot, with its enigmatic cards and intricate symbols, has fascinated mankind for centuries. Since ancient times, it has been used as a tool for self-exploration, reflection and the search for answers in times of uncertainty. But what is the Tarot really and how can it help us in our daily lives?

The Tarot is more than just a deck of cards. It is a means of connecting with the subconscious, a window to our inner self and a guide on our spiritual journey. Each Tarot card, with its own unique symbolism and meaning, invites us to immerse ourselves in a journey of self-knowledge and personal growth.

Some may associate the Tarot exclusively with cartomancy and predicting the future. While this is an important facet of the Tarot, its true power lies in its ability to help us understand ourselves and the situations we face in life.

The Tarot can be an invaluable tool in times of indecision, confusion or conflict. By consulting the cards, we can gain clarity, perspective and guidance about the challenges we face and the decisions we must make. It allows us to explore different paths and possibilities, and gives us the wisdom and inner strength we need to move forward with confidence.


The Art of Tarot Reading: Deciphering the Mysteries of the Future

A Tarot reading can be a profoundly revealing and transformative experience. When we consult the cards, we are seeking answers, guidance and clarity about the situations we face in our lives. The Tarot offers us a unique and insightful view of our current situation, as well as possible future paths we can take.

There are many different ways to perform a Tarot reading, from simple three-card spreads to complex Celtic Cross spreads. Regardless of the method used, the important thing is to keep an open and receptive mind, and allow the cards to speak and guide us on our journey.

The Tarot is a powerful tool for self-exploration, reflection and personal growth. It helps us to delve deeper into our inner self, to better understand our motivations and desires, and to find the path to personal fulfillment and lasting happiness.

Why go to the tarot and how often?

The Tarot is a very special tool. Knowing its reach, we must understand that abusing its answers could misrepresent the magic of its discoveries.

You can perform spreads or self-spreads as many times as you want, but once a reading on certain subjects has materialized, we must understand something clear. This spread is manifesting us in a specific way, connecting with an inner meaning in each person.

We must give space and time for events to manifest in our lives and in real terms, we must let thoughts and energies settle step by step.

The Tarot communicates in a very particular way with each person, its words and symbols must be approached and interpreted in a very serene way, analyzing different options that present themselves.

A particularity of the spread is that there may be a dialogue between cards, depending on the order in which the arcana are manifested, the way of placing the rows of cards, their energetic predisposition, and the way the cards are placed..


Present, past or future?

We must remember the objective of a reading of this type of information: awareness.

The person who has an intrigue in his inner being, existential doubts and also some insecurity that may come to light by facing it, seeing it face to face.

The future will always be associated with our insecurities and fears, since they are leaps of "faith". Specifically dealing with the fear that something will happen.

When we throw three cards, we can be answering questions about the past, about the present and also know something of the diffuse future,

It is also uncommon to make a specific consultation to the Tarot: the answer is "yes" or "no", but a single card spread should be made (this type of practice is not recommended because the Tarot interpretations should be broad and for guidance purposes).

The only plane in which we can make decisions is today and now, in order to change something or improve aspects of our lives, we can take the reins right now, with the right information.

The questions must be precise, very concrete and not general, they must be associated to your life, your own inner energy.


Your energy arranged in the Tarot cards

You must transmit your current energy to the deck of cards before performing the Tarot spread. It is of vital importance that you get in touch with these cards that come to answer your concerns.

Mix them until you feel it is enough, so that the cards are tinged with your vital energy. This connection between energies will also be complemented by the energy of the person guiding the session, interpreting and their impressions of the scenario presented by the card in question.

The reading will give us information about your person, it must be important for you, not for another being. We must have absolute predisposition at the moment of sitting in front of the person who performs the reading and trust his or her judgment. The events that you are experiencing and that are happening in your current life will not be modified by the Tarot cards, but by you. What you can actually have is a differential look at an issue in the present and perhaps for your future.

The Tarot reading is a tool, it has a concrete purpose, we should not think otherwise. It will help to give you light in moments of darkness in your life. As a flashlight does, giving you light on a path that you do not know, but you must take the steps yourself.


Themes and ways of interpreting a Tarot spread

The question that answers that interpretation of the Tarot spread is the key to everything. Your sincerity and the connection of that question with the need to give you a chance to know yourself better is the main reason to make this type of consultation.

There is a particular moment in the spread where anxiety and expectations of the answer can be dissociated. We should not get excited or discouraged when incorporating this information. Just as when we read a dictionary and understand the definition of a word, the Tarot circumstantially describes a snippet of our life, of our energetic construction of the path to follow.

Your intuition, your sensitivity in approaching the question or scenario to be discovered, is something that may require a little more self-knowledge than you currently have. You can practice various Tarot spreads, you can even perform various consultations throughout your life.

You should limit yourself to performing the interpretation of the cards, we should not draw more than initially expected. Perhaps once you listen to the interpretation, you should put it in your life context, with your daily variables.


Analyze with time, you should not leave the session with certainties or uncertainties. It is an individual experience and it is advisable not to comment too much on what you hear during the session to preserve the energy that was shared between the cards, the person who consults and the person who interprets the Tarot spread.

There are no "bad" or "good" cards. The Death card is not interpreted literally as meaning that a person is going to stop living. The Fool does not mean that you are becoming a deranged person. Whatever meaning appears on the table, it should be analyzed over many days and moments of life moving forward.

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