TAROT can give you information about health in your life. You only need a few keys and you will have a valuable tool in your hands!

Today we will teach you to make a self-consultation about health, yours, or someone else close to you. For this we will work with the Major Arcana, so you must separate the 22 from your deck, and leave the rest of the cards stored in their bag or box in another room, or distant from where you are going to make the roll.

What happens if I don't have a Tarot deck?
To make a Tarot self-roll you must have your own deck, but if you cannot buy it, there would be no problem in doing it yourself. It will be an extra activity that will give a personal touch to your print run. With much attention and love, try to reproduce each figure of the 22 Major Arcana, there will be magic in the loving dedication that you put into the preparation and care of each figure.

Try to clearly differentiate one figure from the others. On the Internet, you will find many figures to inspire you, and you should carefully analyze the characteristics and meaning of each one since each detail is important. You can draw, paint, collage, or use the computer. Whatever pleases you. That deck will represent you, it will be yours alone, and it will have your energy.


How to do the Health roll?
If the subject of the self-reading that you will do will be health, we advise you to choose three cards that will complement each other and influence each other. Each arcane represents a state, a theme, an organ, a strength or a weakness. You must analyze and understand them based on your story. Don't focus on a single card. Always match the three.

It's simple: mix the cards carefully and after unfolding them face down on the table, select the three that most attract your attention, follow your instincts! Here we will give you a guide on the relationship of each of the Major Arcana with Health, so you can start your readings.

Tips for your throw to be successful:
Never draw more cards than originally planned because you did not like what you got. Deepen your gaze and you will understand, expand the analysis, give yourself time. Suspend and reread the same cards later. But don't insist on finding the card you want. There are no "good" and "bad" cards. Fate is not twisted. And there are no "bad" throes.

Remember that nothing is interpreted "literal": Death does not mean that someone is going to die, and Hangman does not say that someone is going to do it. In the same way that The Empress will not make you one, nor will The Fool drive you crazy. They are symbols and you must go beyond what is apparent, see their meaning.


The Major Arcana and Health

1- The Fool: Indicates good health, in general. It represents the feet, their mobility, and the flexibility that occurs in the mind. Also the mind and excessive thinking can be its weak point.
2- The Magician: Good health, vitality, recovery. Reflection and conscious self-care.
3- The High Priestesses: Fertility, femininity. Female, urinary, and genital reproductive system. Related to the lymphatic and circulatory system. The ancestral feminine and dual aspects.
4- The Empress: Good health but attention to excesses with food. Do not neglect the digestive and excretory systems. Abundance and growth to be regulated .


5- The Emperor: In general, the condition is good, in relation to blood pressure. Venous and arterial circulation. Limbs, arms, and legs.

6- The Father: There has been a crisis and there is recovery. The audition. Cervical. Listen, the doctor, the psychologist. The spiritual.

7- The Lover: Distraction. Breathing. Leg or arm fractures. Kidney. Allergies.

8- The Cart: Energy. Vitality. Balance. Longevity. Force. Internal journey.

9- Justice: Colds, lungs, bronchi. Power, serenity, and balance. May rule in favor or against, and must be accepted.

10- The Hermit: The spine and bones. Recovery is firm but slow.


11- Wheel of Fortune: There are changes that occur faster or unexpectedly. The speed of this operation consumes more energy. They go from being very strong to exhausted; or from feeling bad to feeling great.

12- Strength: Vitality, strength, drive, growth, and advancement. The inconvenience is brief.

13- The Hangman: Little energy or vitality. Spinal column. Decay.

14- Death: Something of fragility. Weakness and tiredness. Bones, lungs, bronchi. Arms and hands.

15- Temperance: Health in order. Vitality. Movement. Wellness. Stomach. Breasts.

16- The Devil: Good health. Contagions, infections, genital organs. Drugs or addictions. Heart, liver, and pancreas.


17- The Tower: Heart or liver. Extreme care and check-ups.

18- The Star: Balanced health, energy, and vitality. Ease of regeneration and healing. Kidneys, pubes.

19- The Moon: A certain decline, apathy, and crisis. Fertility.

20- The Sun: Vital force. Energy and light. The heart, the hips, the calves. Excesses.

21- Judgment: Health in order, but also the ability to heal and that the necessary medication or treatment do effect. Detoxify. Purify regularly. Knee joint and bone system.

22- The World: Good general sanitary disposition and problems, always of little importance. Calves and ankles.

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