A Complete Guide to Harnessing Your Magic and Influences in the Year 2024.

The ethereal cadence of full moons awakens in us an ancestral connection with the cosmos, reminding us that we are part of a vast universe in constant movement. Since time immemorial, humanity has looked to the sky for answers, finding in the moon an inexhaustible source of inspiration, wisdom and mystery.

The Energetic Influence of the Moon

The moon exerts a powerful influence on our planet and its inhabitants, manifesting itself in regular cycles that affect both living beings and natural elements. From the tides of the ocean to the growth of plants to the menstrual cycles of women, the moon exerts its influence in subtle but significant ways on all aspects of life on Earth.

The Importance of the Moon in Astrology

In astrology, the moon represents our emotional, intuitive and subconscious nature. Its position at the time of our birth reveals important aspects of our personality and our deepest emotional needs. In addition, the moon plays a crucial role in determining astrological cycles and the influence of the planets on our daily lives.

The Dance of the Full Moons

Among all lunar cycles, full moons stand out as moments of maximum luminosity and splendor. During this period, the moon reaches its fullness and shines with all its splendor in the night firmament. This celestial phenomenon is celebrated in various cultures and traditions as a time of reflection, gratitude and spiritual renewal.

The Full Moon as a Portal of Transformation

The Full Moon represents a portal of transformation and completion, a time to let go of the old and welcome the new into our lives. During this period, lunar energy peaks, illuminating the dark corners of our psyche and bringing clarity to our deepest emotions and thoughts. It is a time for introspection, gratitude and the release of what no longer serves us.


The Earth in the center, the Sun on one side and the Moon exactly on the other: this is how the spectacle of each full moon begins. It is this precise alignment that allows us to contemplate the perfect circularity of this pearly muse that inspires on high. So that you don't miss her upcoming performances, these are the dates of the 2024 full moons and the zodiac sign she will be in for each show.

2024 Full Moon Calendar

January 25th: Full Moon in Leo.

February 24th: Full Moon in Virgo.

March 25th: Full Moon in Libra.

April 23rd: Full Moon in Scorpio (also known as Pink Moon).

May 23rd: Full Moon in Sagittarius.

June 21st: Full Moon in Capricorn (also known as Strawberry Moon).

July 21st: Full Moon in Aquarius (in conjunction with Pluto).

August 19th: Full Supermoon in Aquarius (also known as Blue Moon).

September 17th: Full Supermoon in Pisces (in conjunction with Neptune).

October 17th: Full Supermoon in Aries.

November 15th: Full Supermoon in Taurus (in conjunction with Uranus).

December 15th: Full Moon in Gemini.

What to do when there is a Full Moon?

Have you ever looked at the most stunning full moon and felt deep gratitude? It's because our intuition knows what we should do in the various cycles of nature. While new moons are times of sowing, full moons are periods of flowering and harvesting. The full moon is not a time to write down our intentions, but to look around us, to give thanks, to let go of what we have to let go of, to contemplate the growth of the fruits we have been cultivating, to harvest them and to celebrate.

The Full Moon represents the culmination of a six-month cycle, so closings are common on these dates, as well as dreams come true after a long period working for them. With the moon at its zenith, a meditation of gratitude is always a good practice, as is recharging your stones or tarot cards in the moonlight. This moon is ideal for esoteric practices because it stimulates psychic gifts.

Benefits and Rituals of the Full Moon

The moon is related to the subconscious mind. With a full moon, an entire facade of this natural satellite is illuminated by the sun. Therefore, it is said that the full moon illuminates what is hidden in the darkness of the subconscious to give light and, consequently, clarity to our deepest emotions and thoughts. It is for this reason that the full moon is also associated with moments of closure.


Influence of the Full Moons on the 12 Zodiac Signs


Recommended Ritual: Light a red candle and meditate on your personal achievements and how you can channel your energy toward new goals.


Recommended Ritual: Create a space of comfort in your home, light sandalwood incense and reflect on your emotional and financial security.


Recommended Ritual: Write in your journal about your relationships and communication, and how you can improve these areas in your life.


Recommended Ritual: Perform an energetic cleansing in your home with sage or palo santo and focus on your emotional well-being.


Recommended Ritual: Organize a small celebration with close friends and express your gratitude and love.



Recommended Ritual: Dedicate time to order and purify your personal and mental space, freeing what no longer serves you.


Recommended Ritual: Meditate on your relationships and seek balance and harmony in your personal interactions.


Recommended Ritual: Practice a deep meditation to connect with your most intense emotions and transform them positively.


Recommended Ritual: Plan a small adventure or trip that will inspire you and broaden your horizons.


Date: June 21Recommended Ritual: Focus on your professional goals and write a detailed plan to achieve them.


Recommended Ritual: Connect with your community and participate in a group activity that promotes social change.


Recommended Ritual: Spend time in creative and artistic activities that allow you to express your inner world.

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