Did you already know about this planet? Understand how it influences your astral composition in the following article.

Uranus is a very particular planet known esoterically as the "lord of the mind and the ether".

Its influence is related to the desire and the need for internal and external liberation from all those factors that limit us, repress us and prevent us from realizing our evolutionary or maturation purpose.

Uranus is a slow, cold planet, it has the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System. Its temperatures can reach -224 °C, its color is blue and it has a system of rings.

It represents the seventh planet of the Solar System and both its rotation and its revolutions are essentially perpendicular to the orbital revolution of Uranus around the Sun, giving the impression of having a retrograde motion.

It was discovered in 1781 and was the first planet to be observed by a telescope.


The Astrological Approach

In the natal chart, this planet functions as a planet of transformations. It makes us change the way we look at our inner self and at other people.

Uranus is a transpersonal planet: that is to say that this framing focuses on concerns and experiences that transcend the ego and connect with the spiritual.

It is a slow transit planet since it moves through the signs for approximately seven years in each of them. A simple calculation shows that it will take 84 years to go around the Sun completely.

Uranus is a disruptive planet. When it bursts with a transit, it challenges us to renew ourselves. It opens an opportunity to liberate and eradicate barriers and limits in relation to the restrictive factors that affect our existence. Its energy has the objective of giving us tools to know ourselves better, in the very nature of each being.

It will help us to build new rules in life, destroying the structures that bind us, making it possible to be who we really want to be. Knowing our true essential nature will help us to overcome patterns of behavior imposed by culture and environment.


What will be the influence of URANUS for FIRE signs?

Influence of Uranus in Aries: Important changes and challenges in everyday life. It is time to encourage reflection, calm and waiting. You will not be very patient, and tend to break more than to solve. Be careful and prudent. Not everything is at any price, think.
Influence of Uranus in Leo: Important changes and challenges in everyday life. It is time to encourage reflection, calm and waiting. You will not be friends of the exercise of patience and tend to break more than to solve. Not everything is at any price, think.

Influence of Uranus in Sagittarius: Forward with technology, the environment, new ideas and new tasks, changes and rethinking the order of the day. Always forward and positive.

URANUS for EARTH signs? 

Influence of Uranus in Taurus: Taurus is persevering, fixed and stable. This can be altered, and if you know how to incorporate it, it will bring positive changes in all areas along the lines of freedom and growth.

Influence of Uranus in Virgo: There may be changes in lifestyle, desires for freedom, inventiveness and willpower to carry out the desired changes.

Influence of Uranus in Capricorn: There may be new contracts and job opportunities, perseverance sometimes costs this sign, let originality flow and you will succeed.


What will be the influence of URANUS for AIR signs? 

Influence of Uranus in Gemini: Change the way of seeing things, open your spirit to what is different because it can improve your relationships in general and boost personal growth. Bring into play new resources, new ideas.

Influence of Uranus in Libra: You will be interested in unusual aspects, more spiritual and related to unusual psychic experiences. Let yourself go.

Influence of Uranus in Aquarius: Aquarius lives it from a not so favorable angle, there may be instability and tensions. It is essential that you take time each day to relax and rest. Attention to misunderstandings, do not talk too much and watch your words.


What will be the influence of URANUS for WATER signs? 

Influence of Uranus Cancer: Time for the new, to avoid routine, to connect with new people. There is more freedom and intuition unfolds.

Influence of Uranus in Scorpio: Some tension as the freedom that Uranus brings can conflict with certain bonds. Beware of tense reactions. Do not break the rules, question internally and decide the way.

Influence of Uranus in Pisces: The links will be renewed, new relationships, high sensitivity, there is a possibility of transcendent changes for personal growth. Helps us to find our singularities

Generally when we try to retain structures that no longer enrich us, that no longer serve us, be it work issues, relationships, etc.

Uranus bursts in and asks for freedom. It symbolizes the unpredictable, radical changes that come without warning.

This planet does not want us to lose our individuality in our relationships. It promotes deep relationships but without losing our singularities.

It asks us to investigate our own meaning of love which is not subject to the socially imposed meaning.

Uranus is asking you not to mortgage your freedom and need for change in order to buy emotional security.

The area where Uranus is in our natal house will be where we will be a little crazy, have surprises, unforeseen events, genius or great freedom.

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