Stop looking for approval from other people and live your life to the fullest. Find out what the energies of the last full moon of 2023 have in store for you.

The last full moon of the year 2023 occurs in the sign of Cancer, illuminating the sky in the early morning hours of December 27th at 1:33 am. This powerful celestial event marks an opportune time to reflect, let go of what no longer serves and prepare for the new year ahead.

Astrology invites us to look back and examine the events, lessons and personal growth we have experienced throughout this cycle. What changes have you gone through? What did you learn? Who do you need to release? Who would you like to thank? 

2023 has been a year of transformation and growth for many. The astrological movements of the second half of December, including this full moon in Cancer, align with times of introspection and personal redefinition. Retrograde Mercury, the retrograde Moon, the winter solstice and Jupiter's direct direction, coupled with this full moon, weave a cosmic tapestry to close the year with introspection and prepare for what is to come.

The emphasis on the full moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer highlights the importance of connecting with one's deepest emotions and freeing oneself from the need for external approval. This celestial event invites one to stop seeking validation and acceptance outside of oneself. It is a call to find emotional security within oneself, cultivating self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Cancer energy, ruled by the Moon, focuses on home, family and emotions. During this full moon, the need to please others and seek external approval is urged to let go. Instead, connecting with one's emotions, acknowledging and honoring them, regardless of the perception of others, is encouraged.


The close of this year brings with it a series of celestial events that not only impact the sky, but have a direct reflection on our lives and bodies. The combination of the new moon in Sagittarius, the winter solstice and the subsequent full moon in Cancer on December 27, 2023, along with the direct direction of Jupiter, triggers a cosmic dance that affects our emotions and internal energies.

Energetic Liberation: Mercury Retrograde and Moon in Cancer

Mercury retrograde coinciding with the new moon in Sagittarius marked the beginning of a period of energetic upheaval. Jetteke van Lexmond, an astrology expert, explains that the current solar activity is generating solar flares that release energy, mobilizing currents in our body. This process can unearth old pains, fears or repressed emotions, manifesting through symptoms of detoxification and physical discomfort.

Reactions to this energetic awakening vary: from emotional instability to mood swings, fatigue or sleep disturbances. The key recommendation for these days is to slow down, allowing all these emotions to surface and be processed.

Rebirth of the Light and Full Moon in Cancer

On December 21, the Sun will enter Capricorn, marking the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, a time of transition to longer days. The December 27 full Moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer will meet this solar energy. This combination of contrasting signs, emotional Cancer and rational Capricorn, could generate tensions or balances during the holidays. The advice is to remain calm, reduce expectations and allow space for spontaneity.


Jupiter Direct: The Promise of a New Beginning

Jupiter's direct return on December 30 inaugurates the closing of the year. Jupiter, the great benefactor, brings with it the promise of luck, opportunity and self-confidence. It is an impulse to fight for our dreams. The expert advises not to depend on external approval and to focus on self-love as the engine to achieve our goals.

The astrological events that are presented to us, invite us to embrace our emotions, recognize our limitations and find the balance between giving and receiving. It is time to listen to our bodies, allow the emotional flow and remember that we are the architects of our own dreams, with the ability to materialize them without relying on external judgment.

The Influence of the Full Moon in Cancer in December 2023 on the Signs of the Zodiac

Aries and the Encounter with his Roots
The Full Moon will connect Aries with his roots and maternal energy. It will be a propitious time to reflect on your home and territory, awakening the need to reconnect with the feminine part of your family and understand the maternal lineage.

Taurus and the Economy in the Forefront
This event will enlighten Taurus in the economic realm. Key time to identify opportunities for financial growth. Fortune could manifest itself, either by well-established plans or by luck itself.


Gemini and Economic Transformations
The Full Moon will trigger economic changes in Gemini's life. It is time to make decisions that have been mulled over for a long time. A job change could be on the horizon.

Cancer and its Emotional Fullness
This full moon will be in Cancer's own sign, highlighting its splendor. Your emotions will be at their peak, vibrating intensely. Intuition will be your ally, although it is advisable to avoid abrupt changes of mood.

Leo and the Contact with your Deepest Emotions
For Leo, the Moon in your twelfth house awakens hidden emotions. It is recommended to flow, meditate and face inner fears in order to overcome them.

Virgo and Interpersonal Relationships
The full Moon in Cancer will bring Virgo face to face with friends and enemies. It will be a time of reflection and self-reflection, finding wellbeing in the group environment. Looking to technology can be beneficial.


Libra and Successful Goals
Libra's achievements will materialize with this Full Moon. Strength and determination will allow you to evaluate the changes experienced during these months, facing challenges with a cool head.

Scorpio and Professional Recognition
The energy of this Moon in Cancer highlights Scorpio's professional achievements. Planned changes will begin to take shape. It is recommended to take a break, perhaps a vacation, after transformation processes.

Sagittarius and the Connection with the Past
Sagittarius should pay attention to its past with this Full Moon. It is time to connect with memories, be grateful for their lessons and free yourself from that which no longer contributes. A liberating and transformative act.

Capricorn and the Presence of Love
For Capricorn, this full Moon in its complementary opposite suggests love present in your life. It is time to rest and share with a partner. Singles can open up to new love opportunities.


Aquarius and the Balance between Duties and Self-Care
This Full Moon will highlight the demands and responsibilities of Aquarius. The importance of rest will be key; commitment should not trump self-care. Avoid additional commitments that overload your routine.

Pisces and Creative Inspiration
Pisces will experience a direct impact on your creativity. This Full Moon will reveal valuable information, as long as you don't get lost in your own daydreams. Love affairs may have a touch of uncertainty.

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