Tarot reading and dream interpretation have a particular connection. Discover it in the following article.

Tarot and Dreams?

When we think for a moment that everything that happens to us can be interpreted from psychology, from the tarot and from science, then we will understand that the tools are available and within reach.

In the case of dreams, and what we remember of them, they may be indicating some kind of question or issue in our lives that manifests itself through our unconscious. Psychology usually has a special section for this type of involuntary manifestations. Many of them come from recurring problems or unhealed past scenarios. 

In the case of the Tarot reading, its interpretation and our consultations can give us certain information, shedding some answers on issues or questions that we have at that moment.

The best time to request a reading is when you are about to make decisions that will imply a change of direction in your life. You can consult about the path to follow, and about the right time to make that change.

In both dream interpretation and Tarot, pragmatic and concrete information is provided. It is not something of a linear and certain duality.

The interpretations and questions asked for dreams and for the Tarot should have a broad spectrum of reception and interpretation. The information to inquire or consult comes to give us a different look at what we know of our inner self.


Tarot is excellent for opening up options you may not have been considering, but it will also inform you about aspects of your inner resources that you may not be aware of.

When you realize that you are going in circles in your life and that you are repeating toxic situations, a therapist and a reading are valid resources used in conjunction.

If you are about to make a decision with many consequences for you and others, you can consult to get another look, expand your information and minimize the risks.

But always remember that it is only an orientation, it does not have an absolute degree of certainty and that the best thing that can happen after a reading is that you learn to consider options that you had not seen before, and to have more confidence in yourself and your abilities.


The interpretation of your dreams is key to be able to know some wounds in your ego, in your emotional past that remain very internalized in your heart and soul.

This type of psychoanalysis is particularly developed when a person has recurring dreams. It will often depend on what kind of dreams, at what time of the month and year they appear. 

The stories and characters may vary, some are really meaningless, but dreams can shed light on a fear, on a trauma that has not been overcome and this can be worked on in psychoanalysis and therapy with a health professional. Any indicator that appears in these dream stories, can be interpreted in a way that helps us to recompose that mental map of our inner self.


Remembering the general meaning of the Tarot cards, consulting a person who performs readings, having a medical consultation on the issues that may really need a space for therapy, we will have at our disposal a series of tools and processes that will help us to deepen our self-knowledge.

The perception that we have of certain issues or questions within our life journey, can be unveiled with dedication and a series of questions that will help us for life.

If for example we have a recurring dream, where what happens results in a feeling of fear, it is likely that we are going through a situation in the present moment that triggers a memory of our upbringing or past. It is not a linearity of interpretation, but it is surely latent in your memory, manifesting through a dream something that you should heal.

For example, if in the result of your dream interpretation there is a possibility that a great future change will generate some kind of insecurity, perhaps it is a good time to do some kind of Tarot reading that will help you to contemplate what could happen in the immediate future or present.


Do you have a recurring dream and want to know what it means?

Dare to make a Tarot spread and give a personal interpretation to those dreams that manifest themselves.

Symbolic Definition of the 22 Major Arcana

This list interprets the symbolism of the Arcana to guide you in your Tarot reading.

1- The Fool: The new that comes into our lives and is hard to accept.

2- The Magician: Self-creation, the consciousness of change, the beginning.

3- The Priestess: The deep feminine and ancestral, the living and dual woman.

4- The Empress: Fruits, growth, life,

5- The Emperor: The authority, the Father, the Law, the Norm,

6- The Pope: The deep, the spiritual life, the meaning, the being in the world.

7- The Lover: The heart and its call, the freedom, the detachment, 8- The Chariot: Efforts, the love.

8- The Chariot: Effort, progress, desire, will, perseverance, ideals.

9- The Justice: Harmony, equity, that which must be balanced.

10- The Hermit: The search, solitude, inner rigor, convictions.

11- The Wheel of Fortune: Cycles that move, what I do not see of myself.

12- The Force: Impulse, search, esteem, growth, advancement.

13- The Hanged Man: Waiting, stopping, procrastinating, looking around.

14- Death: Mutation, change, something new, to get rid of the old.

15- Temperance: The incomprehensible, healing, the origin, acceptance.

16- The Devil: To know the inner darkness, to discover, to unveil.

17- The Tower: Falling of the ego, questioning, structures that fall.


18- The Star: Expansion, growth, the conscious register, hope.

19- The Moon: Interiority, the unconscious, the sensitive. To enter.

20- The Sun: Energy, clarity and consciousness. All is revealed.

21- The Judgment: Closing something, no more in the past. Recapitulate. Renew.

22- The World: Integrator, the goal, the end of the dream, the arrival.

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