Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It gets its name in honor to Venus, the Roman Goddess of love. In Greek mythology is was the Goddess Aphrodite. Let's discover its power in your sign right now.

How we love and how we want to be loved. It outlines our likes, and our personal values. Let's find out what your sign has in store for you.


Venus in Aries

They are direct, competitive, daring. They do not hesitate to go for what they want and they seduce with their sex appeal and their ego. What they want, they want it quickly. It is hard for them to express sweetness.


Venus in Taurus

They possess a sensual presence, enjoying the experience with all their senses. They love eating, beautiful and quality clothing, caresses along their body, and sensuality in sex. Perfumes on their skin are as important as is contact with nature. Persevering, lovers of natural beauty. Their sense of smell and taste are they predominant senses. They are generous, slow, and faithful. They let themselves be guided by instincts.

Venus in Gemini

They are people who tend towards a plural or variable love life, rich in adventures and conquests. Of aesthetic intelligence, sometimes may see love and seduction as a game, a childish mechanism. They need to feel free in their emotional real estate and do not tolerate scenes of jealousy.


Venus in Cancer

These people feel a great love for the home and especially for the mother. They are very protective, tender, and kind, they also wish to be loved and protected. They are very dependent and need to be accompanied at all times. Rejection panics them. 

Venus in Leo

The people who have Venus in Leo are magnetic and creative. They like to celebrate with others and to be the center of attention, sometimes turning them into somewhat egocentric beings. They are expressive and affectionate. They may be somewhat jealous and sometimes do not respect how others are.


Venus in Virgo

In this sign, Venus hates unclear situations. This Venus works for and with others, it is very obliging and supporting. 

It is practical, detailed, somewhat obsessive. It will find others defects easily and will emphasize them. It is not very romantic but it is naturally very sensual.

Venus in Libra

The reigning balance in this presence of Venus, peace and harmony in relationships, will be the priorities of someone in Libra. Diplomatic, they hate bad form and poor education. Beauty, everything that is agreeable, and commodity are great attractions to these natives. They may be extremists and distant: their demand makes them withdraw from those they do not believe are right for their love. 


Venus In Scorpio

With this intense placement, the people desire passionately, they desire an absolute union among that being. Their emotions are deep and sincere. With a calm demeanor they are very intense personalities on the inside. They are all or nothing. Very sexual and jealous. 

Venus in Sagittarius

The interference of Venus in this sign allows the personality to enhance their optimism. It understand relationships as experiences for personal growth. They are relaxed and have many concerns. They love adventure and discovery. They do not pay attention to how their significant other is dressed but will rather focus on people who will invite them to new experiences. 


Venus en Capricorn

Lovers of realism, of formal, elegant, and classic things. They tend to marry or deeply commit in a belated manner. They have a lot of self-control and practical feelings, they do not like emotional dependence. They will react coldly to a rejection. Sometimes they avoid human contact to feel safe in their loneliness. 

Venus in Aquarius

A person with Venus in their orbit will have special qualities since they will love groups, freedom, and will be very popular. Of an extraordinary mental openness, they are excited by intellectual and interesting people with progressive thoughts. They are horrified by displays of jealousy, and an excess of sentimentality. It will be difficult for them to commit, and if they do, they may be able to connect with someone who stimulates them a lot mentally. 


Venus in Pisces

For those who have Venus in this position, they will show personalities encompassing compassion, hypersensitivity, empathy, and are devoted lovers. They are in enamored with love, idealists. They are sacrificed by others (to the point of denying their own needs).

Of great beauty and sensuality, everyone competed for their love. That which we love, which we like, how they seduce, the search of harmony through relationships are linked to Venus.