Are you already thinking about what to give at these festivities? Yes, it is time to give again and many times we are confused by so many options ... How do we continue to surprise? Is it necessary to spend a lot or can you innovate with a little creativity?

Today we want to help you with some suggestions based on the features of each zodiac sign. It is a sure way to surprise and receive all the applause!

What to give an Aries?

It is the first sign of the zodiac, of a positive nature (masculine) and of cardinal quality. They are quite basic, organized, and applied, so a good daily planner, even a personalized one, will be quite useful. It never hurts to give a massage session for them to relax and be pampered. A good desk organizer will also be more than welcome.

What to give a Taurus?

Taurus are passionate, persistent, and sometimes even obstinate. They do not like changes very much, so, if it is a Taurus, we recommend going for the classics. Of course, they value style and class. Considering this, if it is a woman, a fragrance from a classic brand will be a sure hit. On the same note, high-end creams and makeup are good options as well. If it's a man give him cuff links and maybe even pretend it is from his favorite character. If he is more conservative, a good tie will not fail. Choose what you may, do not forget that they like to have quality things over quantity.


What to give a Gemini?

Geminis are usually very dynamic, eloquent, social. They like to undertake things but do not always have the perseverance to follow through, but without a doubt, they have plenty of enthusiasm. A good gift would be a gym pass or a voucher to learn to play a new sport. Makeup classes for a woman who is flirtatious will not fail. Are they adventurous? Camping or trekking items may work very well.

What to give a Cancer?

Cancers are very sensitive and sometimes even dramatic people. Romantics, they appreciate gestures and details like no other. For them it is important to consider how personal the gift is. A book with a writer's dedication; framed pictures or photos that transport them to happy times. Everything that brings a little feeling, will be very well received, maybe even with a few tears of gratitude!


What to give a Leo?

Leos are practical and determined, they know what they want, but at the same time, they hide a high sensitivity that is uncovered when someone touches the right button. Since they like practicality and functional objects, when it comes to thinking about gifts for them, do not forget simple items such as small appliances that save time. A digital book reader, wireless headphones to exercise with, among other similar options. Do not forget their hedonistic side, they will appreciate a spa voucher for massages or luxury treatments, and why not a good bottle of champagne.

What to give a Virgo?

Discreet but fun, kind and sometimes a little introverted and insecure. Keeping all this in mind, to conquer a Virgo, you have to choose gifts like them, simple, but that allow them to feel full. Cooking classes to learn something new; books or a subscription to a magazine in a topic that interests them. It's a matter of feeling comfortable.


What to give a Libra? 

Libras in general, are very social people, they like to talk and be hosts, entertain their guests and be the center of a party. They like objects with class and elegance. For someone who is a Libra, a good gift can be a set of crystal glasses, crafts, a painting by a renowned artist. Also dinners in luxurious restaurants; a bottle of good whiskey, etc.

What to give a Scorpio?

Scorpios have a vigorous character, they are determined and have no problems in manifesting their power. Observers and analysts, it is not advisable just to "comply" with them. When dealing with a Scorpio, you can think of a special or rare edition of a book that they like, a good-sized watch, a designer shirt, sports technology like a heart rate monitor with GPS, among other options.


What to give a Sagittarius?

Optimistic, cheerful, and a little careless at times. They will enjoy gifts related to outdoor activities such as a sleeping bags, camping items, a globe to mark down their travel destinations or a diary where they write their exploits. Garments with a hippie style,  or crafts from aboriginal tribes.

What to give a Capricorn?

Demanding, determined with what they want, and even a little strict. With them, subscriptions to interesting magazines, a wine or whiskey club,  or to a specialized physical training center will not fail. Neither will they disapprove of gifts such as a good watch, jewelry, and technology such as a music player or designer speakers.


What to give an Aquarius?

They say that Aquarius is not materialistic and that values ​​all kinds of gifts that have a purpose. It would be interesting to give them a charitable experience, jewels with stones that carry special meaning, tickets to see an art exhibition or an emerging music group, etc.

What to give a Pisces?

Very emotional people, of great empathetic capacity, which also makes them very close to art. It is not a bad idea to think of paintings, decorative vessels, and even bouquets of exotic flowers. A photo shoot with their loved ones with a professional photographer can change their mood for the rest of the year.

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