June will not be surprising with almost 80% of the planets receding and a lunar eclipse. Do you want to know how this will affect your sign? Here we tell you!

Neptune and Mars continue their journey through Pisces, Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, as well as Jupiter in Capricorn, Mercury in Cancer and Venus, the planet of relationships and profits, also still retrograde. We have almost 80% of the planets retrograde! We will see in each sign what this implies Neptune and Mars continue their journey through Pisces, Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius, as well as Jupiter in Capricorn, Mercury in Cancer, and Venus, the planet of relationships and profits, also still retrograde. We have almost 80% of the planets retrograde! We will see in each sign what this implies.

An important event to consider is the lunar eclipse of June 5. Eclipses are milestones of review and planning. With this eclipse in Sagittarius we return to the past to see in another light the emotional confusion, or the shadows that remain in it, we accept nostalgia and bewilderment, confusion, we embrace it with our energetic being. We are not afraid of overflow and confusion but we look at them lovingly to heal the pending. We put together our wish list and plans and put it into the dawn air, in the form of writing, dream, or deep thought .

1. What will JUNE bring for the FIRE sign?

Aries: Moments of important, sustained, and firm job growth are approaching. It is something that will necessarily happen driven by your regent, do not fear the changes, this year they abound and will create a new style of living your life. Concentrate on the affections, building link networks is not easy and should not be neglected. You must say what you want in order to be heard. Consciously build your priorities, you must set the order of importance that you give to each thing. Be wary of strangers when it comes to money. Be attentive regarding your Health care the week after the eclipse of fifth.


Leo: Leo wants to grow and expand and this is happening day by day in all its areas. He is optimistic and knows how to see beyond circumstances, even if they are difficult. Sometimes you will have to make decisions that may not please you, but you must choose between what you want to do, or what you let them do with it. Deciding is your right and your responsibility, and you have it clear. Mercury retrogrades into Cancer, and you will notice that the past returns to your life remembering experiences that have given you valuable insight. Retrograde movements and the eclipse of the 5th will give a nostalgic touch to his days, but Leo always looks several steps ahead. Loving relationships continue in a very good way, patience and collaboration are always necessary.

Sagittarius: June kicks off with the full moon and the eclipse in the sign, intense but positive. There is something that bothers you and it is related to the links, which you are not finding the return. You let go of situations that are now difficult for you to navigate. Keeping the peace came at a price. On the 21st the Sun from Cancer intensifies your intuitive gifts. Towards the end of the month there may be an important discussion with someone who damages your energy, don't worry because everything will be for the better.

 2. What will JUNE bring for the EARTH sign?

Taurus: Taurus is strong and enthusiastic despite the difficult and strange environment. There is energy and a desire for new beginnings. The initial eclipse fills with energy and opens up possibilities, which is perfect for Taurus because he must make changes in his daily routine and priorities. There will be creativity and a desire to move forward, but the retrograde must be taken into account: Mercury brings the past to the present as a melancholic shadow of situations and people from its previous history. Emotional instability, explosions, sadness. It may happen that you miss someone you no longer have by your side. On the 21st the Sun comes to Cancer and the feelings intensify. Seek support from your family and friends. Affection has always been your strong point, trust.


Virgo: Things are not going as you wanted and you need changes in your life. Do not resign yourself, nor do you conform, you must look for what you want. The eclipse causes changes, make your plans. The energy of the eclipse in Sagittarius is liberating and drives autonomy. Retrograde Mercury will generate effects because it is your ruling planet. It goes back to the past, you miss something familiar that is no longer there or has changed. You don't like changes, but sometimes they are necessary. You must make decisions and keep them, leaning on your affections, because you are not alone. 

Capricorn: Jupiter remains retrograde and has therefore lost some of its strength. Beware of tempting yourself with excessive expenses, this is not the right time, wait until you are clearer about what you want. It is a month to repair what you have not yet closed and that will bring relief to your mind and heart. Mercury increases nostalgia, beware of past relationships. Second parts were never good for Capricorn. It is difficult for him to overcome duels and when he does there is no going back. It is time to attend to work, changes are opportunities, do not fear them.

3. What will JUNE bring for the AIR sign?

Gemini: The Sun in the sign until the 20th renews it and gives it color and energy to face the challenges. Gemini has the Sun in the sign and that explains a lot of how he feels. It has a lot of energy, ideas, and plans that you might think to carry out from the eclipse on day 5. Retrograde Mercury can take you to stagnant places that you already know, plan, and do not specify. It is also a month of several retrograde planets, so you will have to try harder not to crash. If you're away from someone you miss, it's time to talk. Avoid misunderstandings. Clear your mind and heart.


Libra: You do not like having to choose and be between two forces, feeling demanded or in conflict is not your thing. There are many ups and downs and confuse you. Go back to you, to your essence, and you will feel better. Retrograde Mercury does not cooperate, and a labor complication may arise. You have tools to face that task so do not fear. It may be a good time to rethink your job options. There are possibilities that you are not seeing.

Aquarius: Saturn is still retrograde but it is not necessarily an uncomfortable time, you just have to know how to carry it. Take a break, don't start very risky plans and take advantage of this time to sort out pending matters. Those that everyone already knows that has been postponing. Be creative, do not stray from your loved ones, look inside and you will find the path that you thought was lost. Do not think too much, everything begins to move slowly. There are many planets in retrograde and that hinders the march. Develop your patience because everything arrives on time.

 4- What will JUNE bring for the WATER sign?

Cancer: Take the opportunity of the eclipse to ask yourself if you are comfortable with your day-to-day choices. The 5th will be the time, with the full moon to intend changes you need. There is a streak of retrograde planets: Saturn, Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter came in this line, and Mercury and Neptune are added. They influence a somewhat low mood, with nostalgia and memories of previous times. The ones you don't want to return to, but you miss something about them. Your home is your refuge, your affections your strength. On the 21st you get stronger because the Sun enters your sign; do not give up, even if you feel insecure, you are walking in a good direction. Let yourself be pampered.


Scorpio: Scorpio finds its center in this difficult year. You have taken over the necessary decisions. From the eclipse on the 5th, this sensation deepens and you could feel attracted by spiritual and meaningful searches for your life. You are looking for answers and this is not easy. Less at the moment. Retrograde mercury affects us and could take you back to difficult times you have experienced. Talk about it and release the pressure. On the 21st the Sun enters Cancer, if you are angry, process them, and if you must forgive. And keep going!

Pisces: The idealism and sensitivity of Pisces are encouraged this month by Neptune in the sign, and if we add his natural empathy that manifests itself above all with the most vulnerable, animals, children, etc; Pisces will have a mostly emotional functioning. Mars in the sign encourages this energy to the detriment of physics, so there is a risk of not completing projects, and suffering some stress. Of course, you will receive a lot of love, but you must increase your confidence and your order .

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