Multiple astrological events await us in the month of July. Do you want to know what this will mean for you? We will tell you all about it here, sign by sign.


We will have 2 new eclipses in July, a full eclipse of the Sun in Cancer on July 2nd, that will bring changes to your home, your family or your close affectionate surroundings, and in your romantic relationships. And a partial Lunar eclipse in Capricorn that will give you new, confusing, and ambiguous sensations. Mercury will retrograde in Leo on July 3rd and in Cancer on the 19th, Mars will enter Leo and on the 7th will begin retrograding. 

1. What will July bring for the Fire Signs? 

Aries: This sign is the one that inaugurates aspects and opens paths, he is the brave explorer that discovers novel objectives. On July 5th the moon harmoniously brings peace and advantageous times. Everything related to investments, travel, and changes will be favored beginning on July 15th. Even though Venus will be in Libra, which is the opposition, the only ones affected will be those who do not know or want to control their impulses, going through certain upsets and disagreements with friends. There will be growth at work until July 18th. 


Leo: The Ninth House stimulates social relations, which is something that is very good for Leo, since they have a tendency to be centered on themselves. This year they will come out of their shell, and will bond with people that will promote them in the areas of art and culture. It is a year to take courses and shine intellectually. Mercury will be in the sign until July 19, trips and financial well-being. Mars travels it starting on the 1st of July and favors it monetarily, purchasing goods and reforms at home. Until July 22nd the Sun will continue opening paths. Careful on August 1st: an adverse conjunction Sun-Moon, so you already know to be cautious for 48 hours.

Sagittarius: This sign is very optimistic, but because of this condition it sometimes ignores danger. They sometimes lack the will to fulfill their dreams. That is where they should focus their effort. In July many romantic problems that they had pending will be resolved. On the 28th of July a trip in good company may arise. Their income will improve unexpectedly until July 16th. Do not neglect your health, prevention is important and Sagittarius is somewhat careless on that front, give it some attention. 

2. What will July bring for the Earth Signs?

Taurus: On July 16th they will have an auspicious lunation for 48 hours. They may recover something that was lost, and will increase their finances. Between the 3rd and the 27th of July they will be especially harmonious in things relating to relationships, the Sun-Venus harmony will favor them: Venus will be in Cancer which is a harmonious sign. This is the time to develop important emotional relationships, affirming your significant others and your life partners, and boosting well-being in emotional relationships. 

Virgo: The Moon positively influences emotional relationships, pay attention to the significant other, family, and friends since they will be in beneficial moments for emotional aspects. Just like Taurus, they will be affected by the lunation on July 16th, during this 48 hour period, they will be protected and will be favored in commercial endeavors, monetary income, or starting on trips. From July 19th they can make changes and improvements in their homes. They will receive extra contributions, avoid squandering outside of the home. 


Capricorn: It is a very pensive sign and checks its choices often. July 16th has a favorable lunation, and no less than a full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Something changes in the workplace. There are influential people who will keep them in mind, it is possible they may receive money of work benefits. It is time to grow and take advantage of this positive tendency. If they made a mistake and hurt someone emotionally, the 13th day is auspicious for repairing the damage. On the 20th there may be a conflict with loved ones, avoid it. 

3. What will July bring for the Air Signs? 

Gemini: Mars helps Gemini in this astral year, for which it is on route to positive achievements. If they do not risk too much they may be able to overcome the opposition from Jupiter. Mars helps them on the first fortnight of July, allowing them to reach their proposed objectives. The 12th day may bring something unexpected, be alert, be cautious in finances. The 16th may bring a surprise with friends. The 27th improves everything, because the moon is in Gemini, and everything continues. The 29th it enters Venus, take advantage of the harmony!


Libra: Libra loves the proportions, harmony, and balance. Nothing disgusts them more than unstable and discordant things. Sometimes they are insecure and that causes them anguish. July 2nd has a conflicting lunation, there could be setbacks in the home or at work. They must remain cautious for those 48 hours. At the end of the month Mercury will enter Cancer, be careful of scams, be alert. The 11th day will bring satisfactions at work, on the 17th there is Moon-Venus harmony and this brings satisfaction in love.

Aquarius: Having Uranus as regent, they like novelties and challenges, they are always looking for new offers. They tend to be different people, very generous and idealistic, they are also fanciful and live in their "own world". At the beginning of the month Mars may upset causing bad moods and financial difficulties. The 13th may bring something romantic to enjoy as a couple, and the 28th improves the mood and the energy favors them.

4. What will July bring the Water Signs? 

Cancer: Mercury will be in cancer from the 19th of July favoring monetary management and signing contracts, the Sun remains in the sign until July 22nd and will leave luck in new projects, enthusiasm, and betterment in health. The Moon is adverse on July 2nd, so they must watch out for some kind of disturbance in material goods and work situations for 48 hours. Venus is in the sign, social life and love relationships are activated. 

Scorpio: They have a lot of intuition and fighting spirit. They will have a favorable lunation on July 2nd that will favor their earnings. The couples will recover and renew. If they show affection they will get it back increasingly. Be careful of unforeseen spending and do not fall into debt. Check and order your papers during the first days of the month. The 16th will have a positive surprise, the 22nd they will shine at work.


Pisces: The 1st day of July will clear up some confusions; from the 3rd to the 27th of July will be good times for being affectionate, Venus promote the union of couples and families. The 15th brings advantages at work, but be prudent and do not trust in unknowns that may harm you. From the 28th harmony and well-being are increasing. 

On July 3rd Pisces has a conflicting lunation so for 48 hours they must be careful of investments and all kinds of decisions. Until the 8th of July will be an excellent period for love, and a very interesting social performance. Afterwards there may be a short-circuit in the home, so avoid arguments. Money is coming in and financial possibilities will arise.