Shortly after the start of the zodiac year, which began with the entry of the Sun into Aries, we will have a New Moon in Aries helping us overcome fears and frustrations. On April 19 the Full Moon will be in Libra, encouraging reaffirmation and the harvest of our planting and, to finish the month, on Tuesday 23 we will have the Lunar - Jupiter conjunct Discover what this means to you!


What will April bring those under the sign of the Fire? 

Aries: Mars will have its positive influence on this sign between April 1 to May 15, good energy trends are accentuated in the workplace during this period. Pay attention to April 5, the new Moon in Aries can help you overcome frustrations, it will be a sensitive day and there may be unforeseen events. Between April 20 and 21, Venus will be intense in its sign, although its influence will be around 23 days favoring associations and relationships, increasing the prestige and brightness of the Arian.

Leo: From the middle of April we will see positive changes in emotional relationships that will last. Dreams will come true! Jupiter shelters the sign during most of the year, starting at the second fortnight a desire to travel might awaken. Even though they must stay away from legal conflicts, it will be a time of affirmation and heading towards being solid. From the 17th of April, Venus, Mars, and Mercury will support Leo. They can begin new enterprises and accept offers. 

Sagittarius: Mercury and Neptune do not favor Sagittarius until the middle of the month and that is why it is necessary to be cautious and safeguard against possible losses. Towards the end of the month, Venus fill favor good romantic moments, intense social relationship, and they will be able to forget the mishaps from the beginning of the month.  Remember: the first fortnite is for rest and to meditate.

What does April have in store for the Earth signs?

Taurus: The first fortnite is very good in terms of work, jobs, and business, since Mercury will be influencing the sign until April 16. Also, until the middle of the month, emotional relationships are favored, and the 20th will see the Sun enter into Taurus, stabilizing everything related to our character.


Virgo: Jupiter retrograde invites you to make changes and make yourself more flexible, which will bring you benefits. At the beginning of April, Virgo is in opposition to Venus, that is to say that emotional conflicts could arise if they are not watchful, it is suggested not to make choices and to get away from the problems. There is a general improvement at the end of the month.

Capricorn: This is the month of love for Capricorn, if you know how to take advantage of it you will feel radiant and safe: Venus positively influences you while in Pisces. By the end of the month you may be irritable and sensitive, think before you speak. Mercury intensifies financial well-being until the middle of the month, then pay attention to possible conflicts.

What does April have in store for those of the Sign ? 

Gemini: On the 5th of April, the Sun - Moon conjunct will take place and it will favor the sign, feeling its beneficial influence one day before and after the date. Mars travels in Gemini between March 31 to May 15, and will help resolve tensions, improve health, and open job opportunities.


Libra: Libras are very good at love and know how to create harmony, Libra is coming out of an intense month, and the last days of the month can get a little difficult. If from the 20th of this month they avoid confrontations, everything will go on smoothly. As of April 17, Mercury could have a negative influence on new deals and proposals, be alert in order to avoid fraud!

Aquarius: A prosperous road opens from the middle until the end of the month, they must take advantage of it and consolidate themselves. Mars reanimates and invigorates them in the first fortnight, giving them security in health related matters. On the 20th and 21st there will be jWhat will April bring in love.

What will April bring for those under the water sign?  

Cancer: On the 14th of April the Moon enters Cancer, pay attention to the romantic beginnings or sentimental renovations. Until the middle of the month romance is favored, Cancer will stand out. Until April 16, there will be an improvement in the work market and new roads can be pursued, from April 20 onwards, be cautious and careful about everything if you must sign contracts.


Scorpio: You may feel somewhat unstable in your family and with friends, you should be alert and careful of misunderstandings. But at the end of March it is a perfect time for love. There will be good progress in finances, although you should always avoid waste.

Piscis: Mercury is passing by Pisces, and the financial situations seem favorable. They will feel more confident, more sensual, and with firm advances in the goals they have set. They will do what is necessary for family harmony, but it is also a great month for matters of the heart!