In November the Sun will enter Sagittarius, a sign that is related to independence, freedom, idealism, and doubting all beliefs with honesty. Do you want to know how this will affect each particular sign?

On November 22nd, the Sun will enter Sagittarius, a sign that is related to independence, freedom, idealism, and questioning all beliefs with almost total honesty, in pursuit of the search for one's essence. In November, the Jupiter cycle closes in this sign, so a stage of much emotional movement closes, going through very intense process closures. Mercury ceases to retrograde in Scorpio marking the strength of affectivity, and the need to increase effective ways of communicating. Do you want to know how this will affect each particular sign?

1. What will November bring for the signs of FIRE? 

Aries: It would be a good purpose for Aries, as we get closer to the end of 2019, increase your tolerance for frustration. Accept that sometimes things do not go as they want, and do it with a smile accepting the surprises that life gives us. It is very difficult for them to adapt to the changes that life proposes to him, which often turns out to be for the better. Jupiter helped him in his projects throughout the year, Saturn in Capricorn bothered him only to the extent that Aries allowed it. Venus acts beneficially in November, take advantage of its influence. The 4th, 5th and 6th are days of benefits. The 14th and 15th there is harmony Venus and Jupiter brings material and emotional benefits.


Leo: Leo is from the group of signs of Fire, the fire of rebirth, of creation. They are oriented to the vital, everything that relates to nature and the deployment of living beings is passionate. They are usually very firm, sometimes too much in their decisions, persevering; they are distressed by excess responsibility. Jupiter continues to support Leo from Sagittarius until December 16th. Increase your assets. You will get benefits. From November 1st to 25th, they will have a harmonious Venus, love relationships take a firm course. The 18th and 19th the Moon in Leo helps with home improvements. On the 26th there is a conflicting moon, it is solved with caution.

Sagittarius: This sign always manages to live well, is optimistic by nature. He is doing well by generating income but he is too generous and a little disorganized and his benefits sometimes "fly". So idealistic that sometimes they collide with reality. Jupiter runs the sign from January to December 2019, opens paths, and balances. But if they persist in choosing unreal roads, a storm of great intensity will accompany them along the way; Be flexible Venus will be present from November 1st to 27th, there will be important decisions and a lot of love intensity. On November 22nd the Sun enters the sign, advances boxes in the stopped targets. On November 26th, adverse lunacy, discretion, and prudence to go through this brief period.

2. What will November bring for the signs of EARTH?  

Taurus: Responsible and sometimes somewhat severe, Taurus needs to be more ductile, accept surprises more, and express himself more. Uranus entered the sign in March and will accompany it for several years, it will provide surprises and benefits. Jupiter supports him from Sagittarius which is a neutral sign, makes things easier for him; as does Neptune from Pisces. But it is Pluto who brings everything favorable for the end of the year. On November 12th the favorable Moon brings prosperity, takes advantage of the work plane. On days 18th and 19th avoid conflicts. The 24 be cautious, Mars bothers a little. On 30th the Moon and Venus favor emotional relationships.

 Virgo: He is critical but sensitive, clumsy but perceptive, and stubborn but intelligent. It does not make concessions. By the end of 2019, they will have deserved recognition and economic successes. Jupiter bothered a little all year from Sagittarius but its negative influence ends on December 2nd when he enters Capricorn which is harmonic. The 13th produces an advance in the desired direction; 23rd they're lucky, use it to stand out. Again successes on the 26th, and towards the end of the month, Venus from Capricorn favors romance


Capricorn: He aspires to a lot and sometimes he finds it difficult to meet the expectations he sets himself. Sometimes he gets a bit skeptical, but he is so hardworking that he transforms the circumstances. Of course, you have to be motivated, and this does not always happen. His ruling planet, Saturn, is visiting until March, driving him in the achievement of economic benefits and physical well-being; there are ups and downs, but he will neatly accomplish his goals. Starting the 28th, Venus stimulates him in love and deployment in his social relations. The 12th has a favorable Moon that favors it especially in labor and monetary decisions. The 17th are not gullible. The 21st follow your intuitions; on 28th and 29th, progress

3. What will November bring for the signs of AIR? 

Gemini: The ease of relating to Gemini, its handling of the word and its flexibility makes it a sign that adapts to different environments and circumstances. This is very important because for them emotional stability and good emotional relationships establish the confidence they have in themselves. Jupiter slightly adverse throughout the year will slightly affect the economic situation if they are not cautious, it is not a year to spend in excess. Pluto and Saturn do not impact; Uranus will be in a neutral sign for seven years. The 4th can have a stroke of luck, the 10th there are surprises, the 18th can reach work goals; 21st is a day of confusion. This month they should have strategies to achieve their goals, do not disperse.


Libra: This is a sign of opposites that continually seek balance. To intuit or reflect, act or observe, is always pulled between values, looking for the best option, a situation that is not comfortable for a sign that abhors conflict. Venus traveled the sign until October 17th, favoring the affective plane. Mars will be in the sign until November 18th, it is beneficial and will increase well-being, but it can generate unforeseen events. Jupiter from Sagittarius is harmonious with Libra, protects him and brings him well-being and prosperity until December 18th that he enters the adverse Capricorn. It can generate material inconveniences, but nothing that being attentive cannot avoid. The 6th positive alignment drives the beneficial; on 14th an intrigue is cleared up; the 16th careful with possible scam; May 29th rest, it's a difficult day.

Aquarius: The Aquarian native is generous and selfless of material goods. The world of fantasy, dreams, and ideals catches them more. They are going through a favorable and growing period. Talent is strengthened, and projects are channeled. Throughout the year Jupiter in Sagittarius supports his well-being until January 1st he paves the way. Uranus from Taurus bothers him; manages well. The 2nd, reunions; the 8th good labor news; 14th and 25th affective conflict, possibly family or close friends. The 30th positive for love.

4. What will November bring for the signs of WATER? 

Cancer: Although sometimes it seems that Cancer nothing moves them, this is not the case. It's just about caution, and sometimes insecurity. They are sensitive and live the affection with intensity, on this they base their decisions. They are in a cycle of prosperity and must be carried away by their intuition. Until December 9th, it is a harmonious stage in relation to labor, contract signatures and investments. November is a good month for trips and removals. The 6th advances in the economics; on 16th the Moon favorable in Cancer gives important mood benefits. The 29th closes the month with a very good disposition.


Scorpio: It is a very intuitive and intelligent sign. It has both advantages, it is also a leader and knows how to order and decide. This year Jupiter influences so positively that it balances, stabilizes and improves overall health. Mercury is present in the sign from October 3rd to December 8th, helping with exams, business, travel. The Sun will be on the sign until November 21st, file the rough edges and soften the conflicts. Mars enters on November 19th, is the ruler of Scorpio and brings prosperity and recognition, in addition to healing some emotional scars. Be cautious on the 12th; On 20th news arrives and 27th overcome obstacles.


Pisces: Always a refugee inside, the depth of Pisces is unfathomable. They have trouble communicating and expressing their feelings. But it is a pacifying and intuitive sign. This astral year has the presence of its ruler Neptune, which drives and protects him in his progress, improving his daily well-being and work brightness. From 28th possible new friendships, and joys in the couple. The 17th the Moon favors the affectivity, the 18th labor growth, and the 29th very positive day.

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