The Tarot is a tool to accompany us on the path of life. If you consult it, you must be open to what the cards will tell you, and not wait for a certain answer with anxiety. Find out in the following article!

Yes, you will imagine that it is a somewhat difficult question to answer, because it has as many different answers as people ask. We will try to put some clarity on the subject. 

The Tarot can be consulted as many times as you want, but we must bear in mind that once a correct and in-depth reading has been made, it is convenient to leave a period of time for the circumstances to unfold. 

In general, if it has been a complete reading we do not recommend repeating it before three months. If new situations or new approaches appear, you can advance it, but keep in mind that a reading usually covers three to six months. Sometimes we insist only for anxiety, and adding new readings just end up confusing us.

We must also be honest with ourselves and not insist only to hear the response we want. This behavior is totally useless and we only get confused. A reading does not affect the facts, it only gives us a different look on the current situation and its projection in the future.


The best time to request a reading is when you are about to make decisions that will imply a change of direction in your life. You can check on the way forward, and on the right time to make that change.

The Tarot is practical and concrete, remember never to ask for a yes or no. The questions should be broad and allow the topic to develop. The Tarot is excellent for opening options that you might not be considering. But it will also inform you about aspects of your internal resources that perhaps you are not aware.



When you realize that you are going around in circles through your life and that you are repeating toxic situations, a therapist and a reading are valid resources used together.

 If you are about to make a decision with many consequences for you and others, you can consult to have another look, expand your information and minimize the risks.

But always remember that it is only an orientation, it does not have an absolute degree of certainty and that the best thing that can happen after a roll, is that you learn to consider options that you had not seen, and have more security in you and your abilities.


How to start a reading?

When the reading begins, the tarot reader reaches for the deck and you must take it. This symbolizes that there is no power or predominance of one over the other, but that together you build the reading space.

There are many models of spreads. The simplest but no less precise and profound is to use only the major arcana, from them, choose three cards that are read in relation.

If it is necessary to expand or look for more data, more cards will be requested, as many as necessary.

We hope you enjoy this game, and it will help you to know more about yourself!

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