Find out which zodiac signs are the most resentful and learn how to deal with each of them in the following article.

For different situations in life we can go through some moments and scenarios that can lead us to an exchange of ideas or an argument between colleagues, your partner or a family member.

Not all people have the ability to forgive and forget a conflict scenario. There are some beings that at that precise moment, need to be in solitude and chew the rancor to be able to understand what is happening with their life. On the other hand, there are other types of mental and personality structures that condition forgiveness, making it last an eternity.

Depending on the sign of the zodiac we have different moments and times to forgive: know which are the most resentful.

If we know the zodiacal energies of each person we can determine some clues about the ability to forgive. Some people have very marked personality characteristics, conditioning the responses and reactions of each one.

The first step is to have the intention and open attitude to listen and heal. Then it will depend on each ego and each particular situation, as an immediate antecedent and formation of forgiveness towards the person who offends us.


Which Zodiac sign takes the longest to forgive?

People of the sign of Aries have a very strong temperament and are sensitive. They are people who manage to escalate their anger with a very fast speed. But they are also beings who
need a talk, a direct and sincere dialogue to understand the situation.
In this way you will be able to get their attention, explaining what happened and offering a sincere apology to achieve forgiveness.
What can happen with Aries is that he is affected by the situation or the event that happened and that scares him or makes his heart close.
Resentment is not usually something that affects Aries people, but they do need to be accepted and that the other person accepts their fault or failure to be able to continue with their life path.

People with Taurus energy are somewhat stubborn by nature. To achieve forgiveness will cost you a lot, so many times you will have to accept it or simply wait a long time to achieve forgiveness. 
Once you get into a fight or a conflict scenario with Taurus, it will be difficult to regain their trust, since pride and ego will be like protective shields for their inner self. 
Regardless of the type of argument, if it is mild, it will still take all your energies to achieve that moment of reconciliation (do not push during this process).

Gemini energies allow you to forgive in a few hours. If a moment of argument or fight arises, Gemini will need a space of inner connection to be able to evaluate what happened. It will take a lot of effort for the person to get closer to Gemini because in order to move on, you will need to soften their heart with romance and some special detail for that person.
The dual energy of this sign, makes it difficult to forget the event of conflict on the one hand, but on the other hand their reflection and their need to overcome, is an ideal combination to achieve that emotional balance that facilitates the word "forgiveness". 


People of the sign of Cancer are very complicated when it comes to forgiving someone in the case of a conflict scenario. They cannot forget nor do they want to forget the person who betrayed them or broke their trust. Surely this person of this sign will not want to see you again and will want to reflect in solitude looking for the right answers.
With a lot of time and "water over the bridge", they will get back to normal, but this negative memory will be difficult to eradicate from their mind. 

People under the energies of Leo turn out to have a lot of intensity and have a time of adaptation to achieve forgiveness. It will not be an easy task, because at the beginning their ego and pride will stand as a shield when approaching you. 
With a little time, patience and dialogue, you will be able to get closer and recover that destroyed trust. It will be very rich the approach and the understanding generated by the construction of the word and the dialogue will flow to recover the confidence. 

The sign of Virgo is one of the most structured in the 12 houses, with a very high level of resentment. They will not forget the problem that caused the breakup and the dispute. Surely if you are Virgo, you want to forgive and try to remedy the situation, but you will never forget who told you that hurtful word or made you go through a problematic situation. 
This will make you walk a new path, a different configuration than the one you had until the moment the conflict scenario occurred. 

Libra people will prioritize their mental balance and inner peace. It will be very easy to achieve forgiveness with a Libra person, since their memory will remain the memory of what happened, since at some point the anecdote or story will resurface. 
This may take some time to regain Libra's trust, but their longing for peace of mind will make you reach their forgiveness quickly.


These Scorpio energies will be a headache when it comes to achieving forgiveness or peace of mind. If you break trust with a Scorpio you will probably never be able to get close again in your life.
They are very prideful people, who build trust step by step, rung by rung always seeking the truth.

People under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius possess a very strong personality with a unique calmness. It may take a few days to offer an apology or forgiveness, but it is difficult to hurt a Sagittarius person.
Their memory is somewhat selective, there are things they may forget more quickly than others. Don't be discouraged, but remember that Sagittarius can forgive quickly.

If you disrespect Capricorn, be prepared to never reconnect with this person again. They are people who can never forget or forgive, and will probably never give you a second chance in your life. 
The ego shield is very strong in this type of Capricornian energies, they will not trust again a person who failed them in the past. 
Perhaps starting somewhere else, again with a renewed bond will be a better idea than trying to regain friendship with that Capricornian person.


Aquarius is a sign that is able to forgive, but only if they make an effort and open their mind. 
The priority for Aquarian energies is to seek their own tranquility, reflecting in solitude and trying to connect with their inner self. You will try to forget that negative event in order to move on with your life. 
You must be attentive, because Aquarius forgives easily but does not give many opportunities for that. 

You probably already know the extreme sensitivity of Pisces. They are extremely sensitive and that will be a barrier to achieve forgiveness and forgetting what happened. 
If you want to recover your relationship with this sign, you will have to gain their trust with sincere apologies, which emerge from inside your heart. 
Being transparent, direct and totally sincere will build a bridge of reconciliation with these energies. 
Remember that Piscean people are good, but if you break their trust, it will rarely be reestablished.

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