Astral Energies are Varied as well as the Types of Intelligence that exist. Find out what type of intelligence prevails in your zodiac sign by diving into the following article.

Remembering that there are different types of intelligences, developments and deepening of knowledge, tasks and even information that one decides to consume throughout his life (or to perfect a technique or a type of sports training), we will come across different theories and multidisciplinary approaches to this subject.

While for a long time it was believed that intelligence was measured only through cognitive skills such as memory and logical-mathematical reasoning, it is now recognized that there are multiple types of intelligence. One of the most recognized theories in this regard is the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983.

Each type of intelligence refers to a specific cognitive capacity that people may possess to a greater or lesser degree. It is important to note that having a high ability in one type of intelligence does not necessarily imply having a high general intelligence, since each type of intelligence is independent and can manifest itself in different ways.

What makes one sign more intelligent than another? Is it the cognitive ability of each person that determines his or her intelligence, or are there other factors that influence it?


Astrology believes that the stars and zodiac signs have a great influence on our lives, including our intelligence and our ability to process information.

The influence of the signs of the Zodiac on intelligence and wisdom is a topic that has aroused the interest of many people. In this article, we want to show you the ranking of the most intelligent signs that always know everything.

According to experts, Virgo occupies the first place in this ranking, followed by Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Sagittarius. Below, we will explain why each of these signs is on this list:

Ranking of the Signs that know everything (or think they know everything!)


We start with Virgo, a very intelligent sign that boasts great cunning. Virginians are people who like to read and be informed about everything, so they always have an answer for everything. In addition, they have a great facility when it comes to finding information, so if they do not know something, they will not take even 5 minutes to find out about it, synthesize it and expose it to you.


Secondly, we have Taurus, a sign with a great intelligence. Tauruses are quite stubborn people and, if there is something in particular that catches their attention, they will not stop until they know everything about it. Another characteristic that makes Taurus intelligent is that they have a great capacity for data analysis. Thus, they process information very quickly.



In third place, we find Gemini. Geminians are people who need to be always motivated and, therefore, their intellect is very important to them. They stand out for their desire to learn and know everything, so they always enjoy good conversations. In addition, they have the ability to listen without making premature judgments, so they always end up with a lot of new information after each conversation.


In fourth place, we have Scorpio. This sign knows a lot and is intelligent, but can be a know-it-all when they don't have the answer. There is nothing they hate more than having to keep quiet and not being able to give an opinion due to lack of information or experience. However, the good thing about those born under this sign is that they learn very quickly. Therefore, they only need to see something to internalize it and use it to their advantage from minute 0.


In fifth place, we find Leo. Leo's have a lot of potential and tend to be most intelligent. However, it is worth noting that they are very focused on what interests them and do not tend to waste time learning about what does not represent a challenge for them. In this case, it's not that they are less intelligent, but rather that they focus on what brings them value and don't waste time on the rest.



In sixth place, we find Capricorn. If there is something in which this sign stands out is in emotional intelligence. They are people who know how to see things coming, they are quite cautious and usually trust their inner voice. Therefore, those who have in mind to deceive a Capricorn, can forget about it. Or, at least, they should think well how to do it and draw a good plan or Capricorn will catch him at the first time..


At number 7 in our ranking we find Aquarius, a sign that is characterized by its innovation and its ability to find solutions to the problems of others.
Aquarians are very intuitive people who know how to quickly identify the needs of others and find options to solve their problems. They love to find creative and innovative solutions to any problem that comes their way, which makes them very valuable people in the workplace and in the personal sphere.


At number 8 in our ranking we find Pisces, a sign very skilled at making plans and analyzing situations. Pisceans are highly motivated and dedicated people who put all their efforts into improving their relationships, their work and the lives of those around them. Their intelligence is highlighted by their ability to identify and manage different options and by their capacity to work hard to achieve their goals.



In the number 9 position we find Sagittarius, a sign that is characterized by its wisdom and its ability to flow with life. Sagittarians are very intelligent people who always know how to make the right decisions in any situation. Their ability to adapt to changes and to keep calm in difficult situations makes them very valuable people in any environment.


In the number 10 position we find Aries, a sign that stands out for its intelligence and potential. Aries are very intelligent people who always know how to get what they want and demonstrate their potential to the world. However, their impulsiveness often leads them to make poorly thought-out decisions with negative consequences for their lives.


In the 11th position we find Libra, a sign characterized by its ability to distinguish between good and evil. Librans are very intelligent people who know how to make balanced and fair decisions in any situation. Although they can sometimes be indecisive and need the opinion and support of others to make decisions, their intelligence allows them to make the right decisions at any time.


Finally, in the 12th position we find Cancer, a sign that stands out for its emotional intelligence. Cancerians are very intelligent people who know how to manage their emotions and those of others effectively. However, sometimes their emotional side leads them to make wrong decisions and to live unpleasant situations. But this does not mean that they are not intelligent, they simply need to focus more and leave the important things for when they feel secure and stable.

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