Some zodiacal energies have more emotional elasticity to face certain scenarios that arise on a daily basis.

Stressful situations are more common than most people think. Stress is present in many areas of the life of each sign of the zodiac, and below we will tell you which are, from the best to the worst, the signs that can keep calm in the most extreme situations of all.

Can you imagine how you might react according to your sign? There will be certain signs of the zodiac that will be more accustomed than others to deal with this type of circumstances. Keeping calm is not for everyone, and not all signs are able to face with serenity and patience this type of difficulties. Whether in the professional, personal or work environment, each zodiac sign will be true to its nature and will respond accordingly. If you want to know what is the ranking of the signs that best know how to keep calm even under pressure, read on and find out below:

A sign's ability to remain calm under pressure is deeply influenced by their astrological energy and the elements that rule them. Each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. These elements determine, to a large extent, how each sign handles stress and high-pressure situations.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are known for their dynamic and passionate energy. Although they can be impulsive, their innate optimism and ability to see situations as challenges help them stay calm and move forward. Sagittarius, in particular, is noted for their ability to laugh at difficulties and find creative solutions.

On the other hand, earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) tend to be more stable and practical. Their focused and realistic approach allows them to handle stress with impressive calm. Capricorn, for example, is excellent at keeping calm due to their organized nature and their ability to plan and foresee potential problems.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) approach stressful situations in an intellectual manner. Their ability to analyze and reason allows them to distance themselves emotionally from the problem, which facilitates calm decision making. Libra, with its love of balance and harmony, manages stress by seeking fair and balanced solutions.

Finally, the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are deeply emotional and intuitive. Although they may be more susceptible to emotional fluctuations, their ability to connect with their feelings allows them to process and release stress effectively. Scorpio, with its emotional intensity, is particularly good at transforming stress into a motivating force.


Understanding these differences is key to appreciating why some signs handle pressure better than others:

1. Sagittarius

The first place in this ranking will go to the sign of Sagittarius. This fire sign is the master in knowing how to leave stress aside and dedicate itself to flow in any situation. No matter how difficult things get, Sagittarius will always know how to act before losing his temper. He has the gift of putting humor into everything he does, and for this reason, nothing will be able to destabilize him and make him fall. In addition, this sign sees the things that happen to him as challenges and feels motivated every time that some complication appears in his life. He knows how to take experiences to grow and learn a little more every day. His mutable nature makes him adapt easily to multiple environments and people, regardless of what is happening around him.

2. Libra

The balanced and calm nature of the Libra sign will be the key to withstand pressure in certain situations. Libra's serenity and objectivity will help this sign to avoid unnecessary stress. Libra knows that it has the tools to cope with any situation. They tend to adapt easily to changes and unforeseen events, getting out of every conflict with style and a lot of height. His neutrality and nature as a cardinal sign also offers him varied options and hardly anything or anyone can mobilize him too much. As an air sign, it is also not difficult for him to disconnect in situations of much fighting and conflict. He simply ignores whoever is necessary and carries on with his duties without interference. And thanks to the warm influence of your ruler, Venus, you can empathize with others and be much more aware of solutions that will benefit everyone.

3. Aquarius

This air sign has the ability to filter what stresses it from what doesn't. It simply doesn't pay attention to things it can't change. It simply does not pay attention to things it cannot change and focuses its energy on what does depend on it. Aquarius can flow in any situation that comes his way, regardless of the seriousness or difficulty of the situation. As a fixed sign, he keeps his concentration on what really matters to him. He can let go of any resentment and overcome all adversities. In addition, Aquarius is very original and creative, most likely to take the positive out of something totally negative. He can fall down, but rebuild himself over and over again until he achieves what he sets out to do. Aquarius will know how to eliminate stress in any area of his life.

4. Capricorn

What happens to this earth sign is that it does not have the time to waste on worrying about stressing about certain situations. Capricorn has a very busy schedule and knows that stress is something negative that drains his energy. For this reason, he will make sure he has a solution for every conflict or stressful situation that comes his way. In addition, they know how to deal with stress, since it is usually part of their daily life. A sign as hardworking and busy as this one lives under pressure and high levels of stress. That is why, for Capricorn things are not so serious, or at least they do not modify his existence much. This sign resolves and goes on its way.


5. Scorpio

In a water sign like this, stress is something that can complicate things a bit. However, you can handle it and resolve it quickly. Scorpio is a sign that is used to dealing with intensity and control, so there are few things that can really stress him out. When he is in decisive and very tense moments, he usually manages to unburden himself through activities that release those negative energies he has accumulated. He knows what to do when things start to get complicated. He may even become hostile and aggressive, but that will be short-lived anyway. Once Scorpio manages to unload all his stress, he will return to normal and continue with what he was doing.

6. Leo

The reality is that a fire sign like Leo needs extra help to cope with a stressful situation. It's not easy for them to stay calm under pressure, but they put a lot of effort into keeping their cool. For someone as fiery and intense as Leo, there will be certain situations that will put him in a bind and he will have a hard time holding back. You may want to indulge your impulsive side, but you will regret it in the future. Unfortunately for this sign, losing control is a very big possibility. They are not very good at calming down and taking a deep breath before giving an answer or making an important decision.

7. Taurus

Too much pressure on the bull of the zodiac can make it end up exploding in the air. This earth sign doesn't usually get along very well with change, let alone setbacks. Let alone being under pressure and someone is demanding that you act quickly. This is something that Taurus simply can't handle and it gets out of hand. And unfortunately, when it blows up it will drag down whoever is standing next to him at the time. Pressure and stress bring out the worst version of this zodiac sign. It will be best to let the bull calm down before interacting with him again. For when he explodes, he will want to raze everything in his presence.

8. Cancer

The only way Cancer can deal with stressful situations is through crying. They need to release tension in some way, and when faced with a situation that requires them to remain calm, they will not be able to contain themselves. It is their way of feeling that after the conflict will come peace. Cancer experiences everything through their emotions, because they will always be there, on the surface. And the same will happen with the extreme situations that you will have to go through. They do not usually feel comfortable or calm in such circumstances, but they will do everything in their power to make sure that no one notices and to get out of there as soon as possible. After the uncertainty and not knowing if you have acted exaggeratedly, you will be able to resume whatever it is you were doing without much inconvenience.


9. Pisces

This so empathic and sensitive sign, often tends to be burdened with situations and people that do not correspond to him. It could be said that Pisces stresses more than necessary. The reality is that it is very difficult for him to concentrate and to maintain the calm in front of limit situations. His thoughts and fantasies also significantly influence his reality, which makes him go through circumstances that he could have avoided. Under pressure, he can hardly control his emotions, and it is difficult for him to express what is going on inside him. People do not usually understand the attitudes of Pisces and much less, when he is faced with complex situations and does not know which path to take.

10. Gemini

For this air sign, anything stresses them out. Whether it's their routine or their work, Gemini's stress level knows no bounds. Their lifestyle is also one more reason for this sign to be scattered in their own ideas, without getting to anything concrete. The truth is that Gemini stresses itself out. He goes through life doing so many things that he doesn't have time to slow down and think about where he's going. For someone so active and on the go, every day comes loaded with pressure and uncertainty. The same goes for his emotions and feelings, which, being somewhat confusing and changeable, end up generating a lot of headaches for him. Keeping calm for Gemini is not a viable option.

11. Aries

This fire sign loves to show that it can do anything. For this reason, he suffers in silence and his stress levels are extreme. Under pressure, he usually feels very bad and overwhelmed, bringing out a dark and quite conflictive side. Aries does not tolerate being on edge or being pressured to finish a job. This sign likes to go at its own pace, without hindrance or discomfort. Unfortunately, Aries responds very badly to these situations and tends to behave in a hostile manner towards others. He will discharge tensions in solitude, but if he is with another person, he will be furious and will blame others for his impulsive actions.

12. Virgo

This perfectionist and practical sign suffers a lot from external pressure and stress. They can go crazy when faced with extreme situations that are outside the planned script of their life. For Virgo, things start to get complicated when people try to pressure him or tell him how to do certain things. He has a hard time keeping his cool, especially when unforeseen and unexpected situations arise. Virgo is very disconcerted by having to deal with improvisation and having to solve everything at the last minute. When your need to be in control is modified, you feel that you will have a hard time stabilizing your life again. Inevitably, your high expectations in general will lead you to become stressed out for whatever reason.

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