The Super Moon of the "Deer" arrived to give us new opportunities. Find out in the following article how it will influence your sign.

During next Wednesday, July 13rd of 2022 from 5am (EDT), the Moon will be in perigee: its closest point to Earth for our orbit.

This new full Moon will be 357,264 km away from our planet, reaching its closest perigee of the year.

This is the reason why we will encounter the largest and brightest full Moon of 2022. 

Let's remember that this Supermoon occurs when the Moon's orbit is closest (perigee) to the planet Earth (at the same time it is full), just as it happened in June with the Strawberry Supermoon. 


The name "Deer" Super Moon is due to the fact that during this season of the year, in the northern hemisphere, male deer grow new antlers, coinciding with the appearance of this natural satellite at its maximum splendor.

Other native peoples living in the United States called it the "Thunder Moon", due to its appearance during the peak of the summer storm season. The "Salmon Moon" is an alternative name as well and is due to the baptism given to it by some salmon fishing communities.

When encountering some difficulty to hunt this animal, since during the full moon, it finds deeper and faster ways because of the night clarity.


Whatever sign you are, take 5 minutes of your day to reflect and remember some good characteristic of an ancestor that you wish to keep in your heart.

This moon brings us an energy of peace and forgiveness, as grudges only take up space and hinder you from moving towards inner healing.

Take a deep sigh and let go of that burden! The Deer SuperMoon on Wednesday the 13th will help you connect with all that you need to heal.

You probably notice that you've been feeling some kind of tiredness or low energy these days. This is part of the energy being renewed. You will notice this as you try to focus on these days of inner cleansing.

Then you will see how you will be able to start activating your projects with the energy you need. The discouragement will be left behind, and the period of somewhat overwhelming emotions will dissipate.

Remember: everything in this Full Moon propels you into the future, nothing can go wrong! Get together as a family and don't forget to have your minutes of reflection and farewell, the Moon in the sky will shine and make you smile.

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