Yin and Yang represent elements of higher energy. Find out in which one you recognize yourself best by exploring the following article.

Yin and Yang represent the two elements that Taoism uses to explain the harmonic forces of the universe, since the balance between the two would give origin to it. It is in the very essence of the universe! These forces are presented as opposites but make no mistake, because at the same time, they are complementary and need each other for there to be harmony.

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tse created a philosophical system according to which awareness of the cycles of life was necessary for a harmonious life and a peaceful mind. The Tao is the principle that gave origin to everything, and the forces of Yin and Yang are in permanent transformation, because they are dynamic and flow in us and in the universe.

Let's see in which of the two energies you recognize yourself at this moment of your life:

What are the characteristics of YIN energy?

YIN is related to the earth, the cold climate, the hidden, the passive and the permeable. Water, and the receptive. Those born in Metal or Water years, tend to be predominantly Yin. In general they are open and sociable, like outings, bond well with others, tend to enjoy parties, flow naturally in life with others. The person with Yin predominance tends to be concerned about others, is attracted to outings and meetings, vacations, and everything that involves being with others.


It is sometimes said that Yin is subjective. What happens is that they tend to be creative and mental, they like artistic, and all intellectual activity. Sometimes they can be depressive and hypersensitive when they are not harmonized. They seem scattered and confused, doubt a lot and do not seem to know what they want, especially because sometimes they do not finish what they undertake. Yin is quite active in society, and the world. They are oriented towards others. They are interested in community activities, like politics, have good self-esteem, but are sometimes distrustful of others. They need to stand out and are happy when they are successful. They like to be efficient and love comforts for themselves and their family.

They enjoy good health in general, but are sometimes clumsy. They are quite pragmatic, not very spiritual. Regarding the body, Yin is the lower part, all the digestive and excretory apparatus and the reproductive system and sexual organs. This area needs the heat that comes from the earth. In general Yin people are thin, sensitive, long bones, hands are wet and cold, may have dental problems and fragile ankles that sometimes swell. They have fast movements, prefer solitude, sometimes inhibit their feelings, disperse much, are shy and unpredictable.


As the great source of energy is food, when we choose what we eat, we also enhance our yin or yang. Foods that come from the earth, provide us with yin energy, if we receive them in excess an imbalance is created, activating too much what is related to the upper body and the head, because they overload the yin part of yang energy, headaches, migraines, or respiratory problems may occur.

What are the characteristics of YANG energy?

YANG generally represents that which has to do with power and strength, aggressiveness, impulse. Fire and passion. Those born in years of wood or fire can be Yang. They are often solitary, introverted, spiritual and somewhat reserved people. They can be solitary, a little individualistic. They love nature. They seek personal development, are objective and a little withdrawn. Their balance comes from within. They represent light, warmth, strength.


The upper part of the body is yang, the light and energy of the sun arrives. Everything related to air, thought, breathing, etc. are realized and promoted. The upper trunk and head are yang. It is common that energy is blocked because it has a firm and closed core, so it must release heat, expand, it is favored by foods such as coffee, sugar, chocolate, dairy and ice cream. Excess yang foods sometimes produce abdominal fat, bloating and problems in excretory organs.

Slow, kind, open, they know how to communicate and are not afraid of feelings, they are relatively stable in their emotions. If they are in energetic imbalance they can have emotional outbursts, be rigid and inflexible, shout, become irritable. They are quite perfectionist.


The path to equilibrium 

The levels of yin and yang in a person are constantly changing and we must be attentive to how they flow so that there is no overload of one or the other. These two figures are represented by the Chinese symbol that you have surely seen, and it is called TAI JI; both form the TAO which is the harmonic universe and whose meaning is "the way".
Have you already identified your energy and do you know which one is predominant? Dare to explore more of your energies right now.

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