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Four Proposals For Celebrating Life
Sometimes we walk with too hurriedly and we do not realize the burden produced by not stopping to enjoy, even if only for a few seconds. Here are the keys to celebrating life!
13 Things You'll Like To Know About Millennials
Knowing the generations that make up today's society will open our minds and give us a greater understanding of their tastes, needs, and their relationship with the world.
Five Tips For Renewing The Energy In Your Home
The stars tell us that it is time to renew ourselves, we will give you five tips to transforming your home into a receptive place of good energy and positive vibrations. Get ready for what's to come!
Tips To Having A Healthy Body And Life
These simple tips that you can start putting into practice today will make you feel the difference.
Four Thoughts On The Wonders Of Silence
The most common complaint for couples, groups of friends, and even in work related settings is: "You do not let me talk, you do not listen to me". We fill the whole void with words, we do not tolerate silence. Let's learn why.
What Is The Astral Chart And How To Take Advantage Of The Information It Gives Us?
The astral chart is a snapshot of how the solar system was at the time of our birth. It is organized as a mandala, a circle with a cross that is divided into 4 quadrants and in turn is divided into 12 houses.
"Bésame Mucho" How Does Each Sign Kiss?
When it comes to meeting someone and wanting to conquer their love, a kiss is the gateway to their heart. Learn how each one kisses!
Signs And Their Way Of Having Fun
It is good to think about our partners and our own particular style of fun, to see what aspects of this fun we share and where we differ, to know each other more, thinking about the good times we have together. Do you dare?
What No One Dares To Tell You About Your Sign.
When you read horoscopes, you usually look for precise data on how your life will continue and information about what will happen next. But you will never find in them the fears and weaknesses of each sign, do you dare to read it?
6 Tips To Wisely Choosing Your Partner
Many times we ask ourselves what kind of characteristics do people have that attracts us and then they end up being our partners. Apparently there are several reasons why we fell in love and we created a relationship with someone.